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How to lose belly fat for teenage girls

How to lose belly fat is a topic that interests many women and in particular teenage girls. Being a teenager has many challenges and having to lose fat from the belly just adds more stress to the already vulnerable teenage girls. Having a big belly is certainly not nice but you do not have to despair since there are a lot of ways to reduce your belly size and get a flatter belly.

First things first

Before getting into the details on how to lose your stomach fat, the first thing you should do is investigate and understand why you have formed a bulging belly in the first place. Is it because of the things you eat? Is it because of your lifestyle or is it because of other reasons beyond your control. If you believe that you are in the third category then you should consult a doctor immediately since the presence of a belly maybe due to some other illness or disorder.

If on the other hand you are not exactly a healthy eater and you do not remember the last time you exercised then the reasons for having the belly and love handles are probably due to bad eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. In this case there are a lot of things you should do to reverse the situation while you are still young and energetic.

Once you have identified that the reason for having more fat than usual is your lifestyle then the next step is to take action and reverse the situation. Have in mind that the road to a flat stomach is not easy; it takes a lot of courage, commitment and hard work to get rid of the belly fat but it can be done.

What causes the concentration of belly fat for teenage girls?

Besides the reasons explained above teenage girls are more prone to getting weight easier than teen boys mainly because of the hormonal changes their body has to undergo especially with period and other women related conditions.

How to lose belly fat?

The best ways to lose belly fat as a teenager are the following:

1. Exercise as much as you can. It doesn’t have to be HIIT, aerobics or weight lifting but any exercise or physical activity is good for your age. There are so many activities and events you can participate as a teenager and you need to take advantage of your energy now that you are young.

If you want you can do some more formal forms of exercise (go to the gym, aerobics, weight lifting etc.) to re-enforce your efforts but your main objective should be to move around, burn calories, sweat and generally feel your body.

2. Quantity and Quality of food is important. You probably heard that you should avoid full fat foods. While this is true you should also take care of the quantities of the food you eat. Eating low-fat foods in large quantities is worse than eating full fat foods in small quantities. What we mean here is that if you learn to eat anything you like but in moderation you will be able to lose weight and fat. There may be times that you have to be more selective than others but in general you can eat all food types but in moderation. Having in mind that fast foods (burgers, chips, pizzas) are the healthiest food to eat but you do not need to completely abandon them from your diet.

3. Drink water. Water has zero calories and helps the body burn calories faster. It is also a good way to boost your metabolism and lose weight easier. Get into the habit of drinking 4-5 classes of water per day and keep this habit as you grow up. Water intake is vital for a healthy body and an essential step in losing body fat.

4. You need to get rid of overall body fat first before targeting the belly. Many people still believe that it is possible to lose fat from the belly and they do hundreds of crunches per day to achieve this. This is one of the biggest belly fat myths. You need to understand that there are no exercises to target the belly and that there is no way to get a six pack if you do not first lose the fat from the stomach.

The presence of fat hides the abdominal muscles and crunches and sit-ups do not offer much help. What you should do instead is exercise and diet to lose overall body fat and once your belly muscles are visible you can do crunches or sit-ups to work your abdomen and waist and why not get some nice six pack abs.

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