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Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Most people, when they’re trying to lose belly fat think that if they concentrate on “belly” exercises that they will in effect also reduce the size of their stomach. Although an abdominal exercise will strengthen this area of the body, it will not necessarily help you lose belly fat. In order to successfully lose belly fat then, you need to develop an exercise routine that works out the whole body as well as concentrates on certain areas too. This way, you’ll be able to increase your metabolism to effectively burn calories as well as reduce belly fat.

A Successful Equation

To successfully reduce belly fat then you need to combine a cardio workout with some resistance training. That way, you’ll speed up your metabolism while focusing on your problem areas as well. These two types of exercise, working in concert, are helpful in burning fat and calories efficiently while toning certain areas to reduce fat. Therefore, if you want to know the best way to lose belly fat, combine cardio and resistance exercises in your routine and you’ll eventually be able to get rid of your belly fat. 

Get your Heart Going

To get your heart going, it’s best to start out with an exercise that raises you metabolism and that’s old-fashioned “jumping jacks.” Therefore, start out standing with your arms at your sides. As you raise your arms, “jump” by moving your legs wider than the width of your shoulders. Bring your arms down and bring your feet together again. Start with 25 repetitions and work up to four sets of 25 repetitions each. As you bring your arms up don’t clap your hands. Just bring them up as far as is comfortable. Jumping jacks are good for stretching the muscles in your shoulders, back, thighs and calves. You might ask how they’re good for reducing belly fat then. It’s because you have to get your metabolism going to reduce fat, so this type of exercise essentially does just that. You’re primarily concentrating on your whole body in effect.


Next, you’ll want to practice crunches. To do so, lie on your back with your knees bent and hands at your sides. Raise your torso tensing the muscles in your stomach while keeping your head in alignment with your spine. Gradually return to the starting point. Do not release the tension in your stomach. Repeat this exercise as many times as you’re able up to 20 times.

Twisting Crunches

You can do a variation of the above exercise by doing twisting crunches. In effect you do the same thing except you turn in a diagonal direction or bring your shoulder towards the opposite knee when you come up still keeping your head and spine in alignment. Repeat as many times as you’re able up to 20 times.

Touch your Toes

To keep the momentum going, next try an exercise that works your stomach as well as your waist. Stand as you did initially with your hands at your sides. Spread your feet about a foot apart. Now put your hands on your waist. With your right hand, bend down and touch your left toe raising your left arm behind you. Repeat for the other side, this time using your left hand to touch your right toe and raising your right hand behind you. Repeat this exercise as many times as you’re able up to 50 times.

Lateral Stretch

Next, you’re going to incorporate a yoga exercise into your routine. Take your right arm and stretch it overhead to the left side. Hold for two breaths and exhale, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth through pursed lips. Repeat on the other side. Take you’re left arm and reach overhead to the right side using your nose to inhale and exhaling through your mouth through pursed lips. Stick out your abdominal like a balloon as you inhale and contract your abdominal muscles when in exhale. Work up to ten times on each side.

Do the Twist

Next try an aerobic exercise that will boost your metabolism and work your midsection. Stand again with your feet about a foot apart. Begin by twisting your torso to the left. Bend your arms and make a punching motion with your right fist as it crosses in front of your body. Twist in the same way to the right and make the same motion with your left fist. Work up to about 100 total repetitions.


Finally, stretch out a little. Standing again, reach as high as you can with your arms toward the ceiling then lower your body as far as is comfortable toward your toes. As you reach up inhale and let your breath out or exhale as you stretch toward the ground. Repeat this exercise up to 15 times.

The Importance of Stretching

It doesn’t hurt to add some other stretches in your routine if you’re so inclined. You can gain a number of benefits from stretching especially if you want to get rid of belly fat. By stretching, you will gain an improvement in overall flexibility as well as range of motion. This will help you as you practice other types of exercises as well. In addition, stretching can aid in injury prevention. Muscles also recover at a swifter rate when you add stretching to your workout routine. It’s a good way too to cool down after your workout. Between crunches, for example, get into the habit of practicing static stretching or stretch your muscles and hold the stretch for about 20 seconds to keep the muscles more flexible as you do each exercise activity. This will also help strengthen your abdominal and keep them toned well after you lose your belly fat.

Stick to a Routine

The above exercises are good basic exercises to lose belly fat. Try to incorporate them into your schedule approximately five times per week. Normally, they will take about 30 minutes each time you exercise. In addition, add an aerobic activity such as walking, jogging or biking to your routine to pump up the metabolism and burn fat and calories. By adhering to a regimen of exercise and keeping active, you will see a reduction in belly fat as well as an improvement in how you feel and the overall shape of your body.

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