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How to lose weight in your thighs

Having more weight in the thighs area is a common problem both for men and women (especially women). The major cause of this problem is fat that accumulates in that area which also makes the body looks disproportional. How to lose weight in your thighs is a very challenging thing to do and it involves a combination of diet and exercise. Do not forget that what you need to do is not just losing weight, but also lose fat. This makes the situation more difficult and time consuming. In the post below you can get an idea of what you can do in order to lose weight in your thighs in a safe and healthy manner.

Stick to a balanced diet

According to the US National Health centre a balanced diet is made up of: minimum consumption of saturated fats, high intake of fiber and proteins. This is very important because if your effort is to lose fat then you need to ensure that you will minimize the intake of fats from your daily diet. In addition fiber and protein will help you stay in good health and get the most of your exercise efforts.

The best way to find out a diet that will meet your needs and requirements is to analyse what you eat currently and then make those changes to your diet that will help you lose weight but will also suit your needs. What we mean is that you should not just follow any diet because it works for other people but you should follow a diet that will not make things too difficult for you. You can start by writing down everything you eat and drink for a period of 2 weeks. You can then take that list and calculate the amount of calories and fat you consume. The next step is to start playing with the list by adding / removing / replacing items so that you reduce the number of calories, sugars and fats you consume. Make sure not to make the diet too strict because you will get bored easily and quit.

How to lose weight in your thighs with exercise

Minimizing the consumption of fat is one thing and getting rid of fat is another thing. With a careful and balanced diet you will achieve not to increase the fat in your body. If you want to lose fat then there is only one way to do it and this is through exercise.


Jumping is one of the best ways to lose weight in your thighs. You can use a jumping rope and do 10 minute sessions, 3 times per week. You can include this type of exercise in your daily schedule either at the start or at the end of your workout sessions. In case though you have problems with your joins you need to be careful because the traction caused by jumping may create more serious problems.

Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are great ways of losing weight in your thighs. There are various options like walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming etc that can help you lose weight and fat. To achieve better results you can select exercises that put more pressure on your thighs. For example when swimming you can try and move your legs faster and put more pressure on them rather than on your arms. You can do the same for the other exercises and concentrate all the power on your legs than other parts of the body. Do not forget that what will give you long lasting results is the consistency and frequency of exercise. If you exercise regularly without taking long breaks the results will eventually come.

Weight training exercises

Strength training exercises can also help you lose weight and tighten up your thighs. One of the most effective strength training exercises is squats. With squats you eventually utilize your body weight for resistance and this makes the exercise harder but more effective. There are certain tricks when performing squat exercises so in order to avoid any problems with your back you better get the advice of a professional trainer who can show you the correct body positions for squat exercises.

The combination of diet and exercise as explained above will certainly provide a solid framework on how to lose weightin your thighs. Whatever you decide to do make sure that you stick to it patiently until you get the results you want.

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