Belly fat

How to lose belly fat safely and effectively

Before attempting to lose belly fat you need to consider the reasons that you need to lose belly fat. Is it because you have more weight than normal and this creates other health problems; is it because you want to get rid of a few extra pounds so that you will feel better or is it because your BMI shows that you weight more than what is expected for your height?  Whatever the reason, you need to ensure that you learn how to lose belly fat safely and effectively. The safest way to lose belly fat is the healthy way i.e. healthy food, balanced diet, exercise and physical activity.

Physical activity and exercise

Physical activity and exercise is the only safe way to burn more calories. The more active you are, the more calories you will burn. In simple terms this means that if you increase your levels of exercise without eating more, the extra energy needed will be taken from your fat reserves and so you will lose both fat and calories.

The best type of exercise for weight loss is the one you can do for a long time without getting bored. You do not have to join a gym or fitness class. There are a lot of exercises you can do on your own like walking, running, jogging, cycling etc that can give you good results if you perform them regularly and consistently. Make sure that you exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, 3 times per week. Remember, the more you can exercise the better and faster will be the results.

Healthy eating and balanced diet

To be able to maintain your normal weight and get ready to lose weight and belly fat, you need to follow a diet that is rich in fiber and balanced in carbohydrates and proteins. Fruits and vegetables are perfect candidates for your daily diet while foods that are high in fat, salt and sugars should be avoided or replaced with healthier alternatives. Care should also be taken on the foods that are advertised as “diet foods”. Some of these are low in fat but are high in calories while other are low in calories but high in fat. You need to read the food labels and ensure that the foods you select are both low in calories and fat. If you are not sure how to interpret the items in a food label you can get the advice of a professional nutritionist who can guide you on how to select food and drinks that are healthy and calorie friendly.

Non natural ways to lose weight

Unfortunately the weight loss industry is a very popular one and there are a number of products that promise quick results with no effort. These products have nothing to do with a healthy weight loss. A healthy weight loss excludes weight loss pills, crash diets, deprivation diets, fat burners or other chemical ways that are suppose to help you lose weight. This is not only in theory but it is proven by various studies that deal with fat loss. All studies agree that if you try to lose weight fast without following healthy guidelines you will gradually gain the weight back and in the long run you will end up with more weight.

If you are still not convinced that the best way to lose weight is the healthy way consider the following example. The person that currently holds the World record for losing the biggest amount of pounds (mainly fat), managed to lose over 400 pounds using a balanced diet and exercise and not by using weight loss pills or other methods.

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Hara Hagikalfa

Hara Hagikalfa completed her BSc(Hons) in Health and Exercise Science, Sports Science and Medicine. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. You can learn more about Hara and connect with her on Facebook


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  • The following is the simplest way I have ever lost weight and kept it off.
    1.) First, be serious about losing weight, if you’re not then don’t waste your time trying and then get stressed from having to think up excuses why it’s not working.
    2.) Second, figure out your baseline daily calorie requirement. This is the amount of calories you need to not lose weight. This number varies with activity level and metabolism but for many it’s a failry constant number. My number is 2000.
    3.) Third, you can aerobicize but do not try to add muscle during the inital phase of losing weight.
    4.) Fourth, here it is, eat good food sensibly, eat as many times a day as you want but don’t eat after 8pm,( I eat 5 to 6 times a day), count the calories of everything you eat during the day and keep the total amount of those calories less than what you determined in step 2. I keep the number of calories I eat less than the time of day in military time, i.e., at 11.00 I have eaten less than 1100 calories and by 20.00 hrs I have eaten less than 2000.
    That’s all you have to do, but you have to do it forever.

  • my age is 34 and my hieght is 5.6 and my weight is 105 kg i am feel same my self how i reduce my belly fat some time i feel lase pls help me

  • my height is 5’3″ my weight is 63kg,my problem is from last 2 month my weight is stucked,i have been doing exercise from last 7month i lost 12 kg but know it stoped plz guid me.