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7 Best tips for fast weight loss

There are numerous ways to lose weight fast and in this post we outline the 7 best fast weight loss tips.

1. Exercise is a must for fast weight loss

Everybody knows this; exercise is a must for a fast weight loss. With exercise you achieve a lot of things. First you burn more calories and lose weight faster, second you ensure that you will not gain the weight back and third you provide your health with many benefits. What is important is to exercise frequently and to increase the duration of exercise every couple of weeks. For starters you should aim for 30 minute sessions, 3 times per week. As you become more experienced with exercise you should aim for 45 minutes, 5 times per week.

2. Strength training is also required

Many people when we talk about exercise they think aerobics or cardio exercises. There is another form of exercise that is very beneficial for weight loss. This is strength training exercises like weight lifting and body building. These are also needed for a fast and safe weight loss and you should try and include them in your exercise schedule. Strength training exercises can help you build more muscles, can boost your metabolism and can help you achieve your weight loss goals faster.

3. Food journal

Being able to control what you eat can play a significant role in fast weight loss. To be able to do that you need to know how many calories you consume on a daily basis. It is a proven fact that people when asked about their daily diet, then tend to forget a number of things. One of the ways to make sure that everything you eat is counted in your daily diet calculations is by keeping a food journal. In this you should try anything you eat and drink during a day. Next to each item you can write the number of calories they contain and thus you can arrive at a daily total. By having this information you can then adjust the foods you eat and save the required amount of calories so that you lose weight.

4. Re – set your weight loss goals

Your weight loss goals should not simply be to lose weight. Weight loss is not an exercise you have to do once and then forget about it. A successful weight loss is when you manage to lose weight by changing your lifestyle and eating habits and not by just saving calories and making calculations. Eating healthy should become your second nature and exercising should become your daily friend. So, instead of just setting arithmetic goals concentrate on how to change your lifestyle to match a healthier living.

5. Separate eating from your other emotions

A lot of people have associated eating with their emotions. It is very common for people to eat because they are feeling stress, anxiety, depression, anger etc. This is a bad and very unhealthy habit. Usually the food you eat when in this state is unhealthy and full of fats and calories. You need to realize that food is not the medicine for your emotions. Food is a pleasure and a way to provide your body with the energy it needs to function properly. If you want to lose weight then you should seriously consider this situation and disassociate food with emotions.

6. Get all the support you can get

For long term weight loss results you need to get encouragement and support. The best way to get this support is from friends, family and from other people that are in the same situation. There will be times during the process that you will get bored and willing to quit, there will also be times that you won’t believe in yourself and you need someone to give you encouragement and motivation to continue. Do not underestimate the power and support you can get and do not be shy to share your weight loss dreams with your friends and family.

7. Start slow, plan big

All the weight loss tips explained above are valid and essential for a fast weight loss. It is necessary though to start by gradually making changes both to your lifestyle, eating and exercise habits. Do not rush and do not make too drastic changes from one day to the next. Start slowly and stay focus on your goals. As you become more experienced make more changes until you reach a point that your lifestyle, diet and exercise routine are in accordance with your weight loss goals.

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Hara Hagikalfa

Hara Hagikalfa completed her BSc(Hons) in Health and Exercise Science, Sports Science and Medicine. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. You can learn more about Hara and connect with her on Facebook


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  • Good tips.
    In the past, i had a food diary where i write all the things i eat and how many calories in each food, i also do exercices almost everyday (fitness, 30 mn per day) but now i don’t have time so i have stop them…
    But i will re-do them for sure in the future.

  • ya but people usually don’t have the motivation to keep on with excirses….think that all of them they get confused with all the “tips” posted on the internet..half of them say no need 2 workout the other intensive workout…?????

  • I am a 16 yr. old girl who has a hard time with self dicipline when it comes to working out. My mom and i go to the gym as much as possible, I watch what I eat and I still have not lost weight yet. I dont know what to do anymore. The food journal helps me watch what I eat yet still I am 40 or 50 pounds over weight. I need help and i haven’t found anything that works yet. These tips might help some but it would be nice if they helped me

  • I usually check sites speak on weight loss and give valuable guidelines. I appreciate whatever I read here. I’ll start exercising on regular basis as diet plan alone is not working in my case. Thanks

  • Number 6 is right on the money. You never know what support system you set up will help you, and the more nets you have the better. One that has really helped me was my photos from http://www.slim-image.com. It’s a photo of what I will look like when I reach my goal. I took those print outs and put them on my fridge and put one on my car visor. Each has helped me to avoid those midnight snacks and a reminder to order healthy when I go through the drive through.

  • Get a Wii fit Plus, I’ve lost almost 40 pounds on it so far! In the long run it is going to be a-lot cheaper than the gym – and a-lot easier, when you don’t even need to leave your house. With the Wii Fit , you get weight charts , you can set goals do routines and you even have a personal trainer that tells you what to do, and at the end of each activity it tells you how many calories you’ve burned! I love mine and use it an hour everyday! I know I might sound like an ad, which I hate , but it really dose work!

  • I always had a problem with my weight growing up , Well i am 16 sixteen now and i never been so forced on great health , this websites has some really good tips for people who”s trying to drop their old bad habits and gain new good ones ,AS FOR My Self i being working out 3 times a week & eating twice a day i eat breakfast which just contains an egg omelet either sausage or oven baked bacon to go on the side and then i make all different kinds of salads for dinner and it is OK to have a jello or a yogurt even a little Debbie”s 100 calories cake after dinner as like a Minn desert but most important you really boost your weight loss with a good workout weather its at home or in the gym you need some kind of Exercise t in order to really shed off those pounds fast > i go to Lucille Roberts on Fordham road their a lot up beat class”s i enjoy dancing the with the zumba , classic step , kick some abs , mega mix and of course the just dance class instructor i been my started weight was 287 and now i am 238 i lost 49 pounds with staying on top of my self with position control i must say it was a real struggle with my journey but i stood up and finish what i started and made a amazing change with my body , health and with my emotional eating habit , and now i have gotten the eating less habit pretty much down pact. it took about seven weeks to get all of this done ,i feel like i am finally am control of Kina ,before the summer over i want to lose another 40 or more pounds i will push my self to get there. You Control the food , the food Dosen”t control you , it never too late, i don’t care how big you are , you can do it , if you truly want to loss weight it will happen for you

  • All 7 steps above are excellent points. In order to concentrate on losing weight fast, the points above are all wonderful suggestions. To be successful in weight loss, I’ve found I’ve had to implement the types of suggestions above, stick to them closely and I have reached my weight goals. But it didn’t happen over night…..sigh!

  • 7 steps are good points but one who has deteriorating neck & back discs and athritis is not easy to do many vigerous exercises. But I do like going for walks but have not since the weather has been a scorcher. I tend to get very light headed when the weather is too hot. I find it very hard to discipline oneself in eating the right foods – I do good for a short while then I teeter off. I have had family go on challenging weight losses but it was soon short lived. I am 64 yrs old and I am 50 lbs overweight and hate it. I live alone so many times I just snack rather than make a proper meal.

  • Useful and simple, what I’d like to know its what type of exercise is the most effective? I do a lot of dance and aerobics style exercise but am wondering if something like cycling would have the same effect? Ive also been cutting down carbs, meals and sizes of meals, completely given up bread, wondered if anybody had any good replacement foods i could try? I am also a vegetarian 🙂