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Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks?

Many people comment on weight loss blogs and are asking if it is feasible to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. The answer to this question is both positive and negative. On the positive part, it is possible to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks and the negative part is based on the fact that while you can you should not try and lose too much weight in such a short period of time.

Healthy weight loss is the only way out

Weight loss to be effective should be done naturally and gradually. Losing 10 pounds in just 2 weeks is very difficult to be done using natural and healthy ways. To make such a reduction in your weight you either have to follow a very strict diet or use chemicals (i.e. weight loss pills). Even by engaging such techniques the only thing you can achieve is tolose water weight and dehydrate your body and most probably what will happen is that you will get the weight back as soon as you stop the program. If this is how you want to lose weight then go ahead and do it, there a number of weight loss pills and diets on the Internet that will help you out. If on the other hand you want to lose weight in a way that you will not cause any other problems to your health and be able to keep the weight off then you have to do some sacrifices and be ready to work hard until you get the desired results.

Lose weight in 2 weeks

In this article we will not try to explain how to lose 10 pounds in a week but on how to lose weight in 2 weeks. The number of pounds you will lose in these 2 weeks depends on the characteristics and body structure of each person. What is suitable for some people may not work for others. A weight loss program that works for some may not work for others. This is the main reason why the question ‘is it possible to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks’ has two contradicting answers. What you should concentrate your efforts on is to set the baseline for weight loss. This means that you should start preparing your body for losing weight by creating your long term healthy plan.

When you start your efforts it is likely that you will lose a few pounds in the first 2 weeks. What you need to ensure is that this trend will continue and that you will not get the weight back. When we say ‘do not get the weight back’ we simply mean that once you stop your efforts and for a period of 6 months you will not return to your previous weight. The main idea behind this is that by that time hopefully you have already adopted a new lifestyle and eating habits and there is no longer need to follow any weight loss plan, process or program.

So, for the next 14 days try to apply the tips below and see for yourself how many pounds you can lose.

1. Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day
2. Do not eat ready-made meals. Avoid eating out or taking take away. Cook at home using healthy and low calorie products.
3. Eat more salads with not extra dressing except virgin olive oil
4. Stop drinking soft drinks and alcohol
5. Replace milk with low fat milk
6. Replace snacks with fruits and vegetables
7. Eat at least 2 apples per day.
8. Eat your last meal at least 3 hours before you go to bed
9. Start your day with a good breakfast
10. Start walking for 20 minutes per day the first week and 30 minutes the next week.
11. Replace meat with fish
12. Do not forget that your goal for the next 2 weeks is to lose weight. This may need some sacrifices but you need to be strong and do it.
13. Do not eat fried foods. Prefer barbequed or boiled.
14. Do not buy take away coffee (latter, cappuccino). Prefer black coffee with a bit of low fat milk.

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  • i think your website is awsome i am so glad i am so over wait bad i am 10 and i am 102 pounds and i bawl my eyes out every night beause i am overweight and it is so hard to find a website as good as yours and i am just like freaking out i nees to lose it thank you so very much you do not how much i will thank you

  • if l start and in two weeks will l four sure loose ,and if l dont have some of the things listed how will l do it like starting a day with a good breakfast l dont have time to eat and what am l supposed to eat

    help me please l really like this column thank you so much

  • your web site has been very useful. but i think to lose wieght in 2 weeks its possible or might be true. to lose weight it is something that need patience and courage . . . . . .

  • wow. these tips are great! i really think i have a better chance at loosing weight now that i read this. for about 2 and a half years i have been overweight. im 13 and i weigh about 160. im unhappy about how my body looks, but i have never known how to change that! this has really inspired me! from this day on, i am going to do my very best to lose these extra pounds. my goal is 30 pounds. wow, its gonna be tough. but this website has really helped me! i am excited to burn some calories and get into a bakini and some skinny jeans before i start highschool! i have one full year. im gonna do this. again, thank you so very much

  • Im not exactly over weight.. well actually not at all Im 117 n im 16 but i just wanted to see how to lose this unattractive squish I have n I think this will help alot. I love running so that will help alot I think

  • So I’m 16 and about 125-130lbs which isn’t that much but I’m only 5ft tall so its pretty noticeable. I’m also rly curvy so I have a little waist I’d love to how but I don’t always feel comfortable doing it because of my kinds chubby tummy. Iv been trying to lose weight lately I have an app on my iPod that I can track all the foods I eat and how many calorie are in everything. I’ve been working out at the gym and limiting myself to 848 calories a day and still no results 🙁 my gym membership is about to expire and it’s much more expensive now, it’s Christmas which means fatty snacks, and I’m feeling rly undermotivated to do anything right now. Anyone have ideas on how to lose weight and stop sulking??

  • My first year of high school is starting pretty soon and I want to make a good impression about myself. I know I am overweight and would like to lose about 20 pounds. I’ve tried walking on a normal basis (about 30 min a day) and eating smaller portions but it’s still not working I am also only about 5″5 so weight really shows up. Is there anything that I can do so that I can improve my weight? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

  • i used to weigh 210 pounds at 5’4” my freshman year of high school so i set a goal to lose as much weight as i could. by the start of my sophomore year i only weighed 150 pounds. it wasnt the easiest thing in the world but if you actually write out a plan to follow you can do it. the main things that worked for me were crunches push ups and running. i did chrunches and push ups every night and ran every other. drink nothing but water (you,ll start to love drinking water). if you get hungry after you work out try drinking some protien shakes. cut out junk food for snacks replace it with baby carrots, and apples. replace dessert with your favorite flavored yogurt. i f you just put your mind to it you will be able to do this with ease. good luck i hope this helped someone.