Best weight loss exercise for great results

There is no better way to burn off calories but to sweat it out through exercise. It may be hard, but this is one hard work that will surely pay off. Simply allocating at least thirty minutes to an hour a day for exercise could help you shed off those pounds in no time. This article explains the best weight loss exercises that will help you achieve great results.

#1 Stationary bicycle / spinning – vigorous

Stationary bikes are almost like the real bike only that it won’t get you anywhere. This is perfect for people who prefer to stay at home or would like to do something else while burning off some calories. With this equipment, you do not have to worry about missing an episode of Oprah or Grey’s Anatomy as you workout. Furthermore, this is ideal for people who are not used to exercising and to people who are very overweight because it has lesser impact which makes it a knee and ankle friendly equipment.

This exercise could help you lose 500 to 1000 calories/hr depending on how fast you go and how much resistance you put in it. And since developing a rhythmic pace is easier with stationary bikes, you’ll have better chance of burning more fats.

#2 Elliptical trainer

If problems with your knees, hips, back, and joints prevent you from working out, an elliptical trainer might be the best option you have. It has little to no resistance compared to the traditional treadmills and stationary bikes.

Most elliptical trainers come with a handle that provides upper body exercise making elliptical trainer a very effective cardio exercise that allows you to burn 500 to 800 calories/hr. Again, this depends on how fast you go and the resistance you put on it.

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#3 Step aerobics – high impact

Step aerobics can literally bring your calorie-burning workout to the next level. It makes use of a step or a raised platform about four to twelve inches high where you step up and down while alternating the leg used. You can do step aerobics with a music to improve your leg coordination and to make it more fun. With this alone, you can burn as much as 600 calories/hr.

For people with advanced skills, you may use dumbbells to incorporate upper body exercise. This technique could help you burn up to 800 calories/hr, making it an excellent cardiovascular exercise that could get your heart pumping up to the fat burning zone.

#4 Running

Whether you use a treadmill or do the actual run outside, running is definitely a good calorie-burner. Like any other exercise, the amount of calorie burned depends on how fast you go. If you are running as fast as 12mph, you’ll be able to burn as much as 1,521 calories per hour; 1,224 calories/hr at 10mph; 918 calories/hr at 8mph; 783 calories/hr at 7mph; 684 calories/hr at 6mph; and 576 calories/hr at 5mph.

Although running may seem the best calorie burning exercise, running a constant speed of 12 mph per hour to burn 1,521 calories is almost impossible, not unless you are a professional runner. The same thing goes with other workouts; the amount of calories burned will always vary due to the inconsistent speed as well as the body’s ability to adapt.

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