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How to lose Weight Without Buying Anything

Contrary to popular belief you do not have to spend a ton of money to lose weight. Every day we are inundated with ads bearing beautiful skinny models who claim they got that way by taking one simple pill a day. Or, they have been on a magic diet plan that they read about in the newest best seller  You cannot watch a late night TV program without seeing an advertisement for some expensive exercise machine that will help you lose weight in just five minutes a day. All of these claims would be great, if they were true. The simple truth is you can lose weight without buying anything.

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is by walking. Many people end up buying an expensive treadmill with the thought that they will continue to be able to exercise throughout the winter or anytime there is inclement weather. However, usually these treadmills end up abandoned in a corner as a glorified clothes hanger. You do not need an expensive treadmill to get your exercise in. Many people walk outside at all times of the year. Even when the weather seems much too cold, as long as you bundle up you will stay warm. Once you begin your walk your heart rate increases and your body temperature will rise and you will be more than comfortable. In addition, there are many free facilities you can use to do your walking. Many churches have gyms that are open to the public for exercise. Also, many communities have free community centers with indoor tracks.

Another way on how to lose weight without buying anything is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Drinking water helps your body think it is full and cuts down on your calorie intake. Also, spacing your meals out throughout the day will increase the calories that your body uses. The body cannot always use all of the calories you take in during three large meals a day. These calories are then stored for later use and if not used are turned into fat.

Try to make breakfast the biggest meal of the day. This will start your morning off right and provide you with the calories needed to get you through the day. Also, never eat right before going to bed. With your body in a state of rest, calories will only be stored in the body and will not be able to be burned off through activity.

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  • I thought this was a Great…umhhh…”page thingy”.
    I am going to use your advice and see how it goes..
    i am Currently:
    *Drinking Mainly water
    *Doing around 50+ Crunches (daily)
    *Butt, Eating b-4 i go to bed
    *cut down on how much i eat
    (i lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks and i am happy about that) BUT, would like to lose another 20-30 pounds**
    I weight 144 right now and i want to be 120 Thats my GOAL but i would be happy with 120-130 But perfer 120 or lower..Nothing under 115…But thats A HUGE goal.!!

  • my BMI is 25 and weight is 61 kg. I daily eat late in night and go to bed after taking meal as I come from office in late night as per office timing. Is there any solution for me to lose weight

  • I hade graves disease it made me loose to much weight too fast then by the time the drs figured out what was wrong with me my eyes were bulging out. They gave me iodine 131 twice to kill my thyroid and now its not overactive anymore and i take synthroid 137 once every morning. I gained alot of weight after my thyroid was killed. Then I walked 2 miles a day and dieted for a couple years. I Lost weight and it stayed off a while but now ~ I have gained alot of weight again my activity level is low now because Im living apartment life no where to walk. No where to go. I could venture off to the mall I guess. But I havent. I REALLY WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT. But Im just not motivated and no friends Ive moved away from everyone I knew. I know how to lose it but I just cant motivate myself . Any advise?

  • well you advice is REALLY great..
    my weight is know 123 and i am a teenager but im reslly tall for my age im about 5,7 but my but is a little to big and my theighs which i would love to get rid ofwith your help.
    i would love for more advice pleae..