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How to Lose Weight in 10 Days

To lose weight in 10 days you have to make many sacrifices. Permanent weight loss does not have a ‘start and end date’ but it is the result of continuous effort through a healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, there are cases when you need to lose weight fast because of an important event and you need a way to lose weight in 10 days. In such cases and only after you consult with your doctor, you can follow a careful diet packed with an intensive exercise schedule. How much weight you can lose in 10 days depends on the age, sex, medical and physical condition of each person.

Lose weight in 10 days

We have separated our post into three parts. The first part outlines how to lose weight in 10 days with a diet, the second part gives you some exercise ideas to make the most of your exercise schedule and the third part provides for 14 tips you can use to lose weight in 10 days naturally.

How to lose weight in 10 days with a diet

Step 1: Water and more water!

Your goal is to reach at least 11 glasses a day. The water will help to eliminate toxins and excess salt (which you get plenty every time you eat meat, nuts and almost all kinds of fatty foods). Water does not have any calories so it does not add to your weight and can keep your stomach full.

Step 2: Regular meals every 3 hours

Your daily diet should consist of three regular meals and two snacks a day. To rule out the possibility of error, each meal should include:

A serving of protein (e.g. a fillet the size of your palm)

2 cups of vegetables without butter or sauce

1 cup of complex carbohydrates (e.g. pasta or whole wheat bread)

Try to stay within the suggested quantities and make sure that you do not to skip any of your meals. Plan your meals ahead and maintain your schedule for a period of 10 days (at least).

Sample Meal: one omelet (4 egg whites), one medium tomato, one slice of whole wheat bread and a tablespoon of low fat cream cheese

Snacks: You can take fruits, vegetables, unsalted nuts, black chocolate.

Step 3: Count your calories

Follow the above diet for a couple of days, and then go back review your meals and start counting your calories and make sure that you follow the rules in step 2. Ensure that each of your meals is in the range of 300-400 calories. If not then make changes to your diet to achieve this number on a daily basis.

If during the day you feel hungry, remember your choices: low fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables, water, unsalted nuts, whole-wheat crackers, green tea, and any other snack that is low in calories, fats and sugars.

Step 4: Do not quit

To succeed in losing weight in 10 days you need to have discipline to follow your diet strictly for that period. In case you feel bored eating the same foods over and over again, you can try a new recipe every day. It does not have to be something complicated, just something different. Find those foods items that satisfy your taste and explore new cooking methods (try steamed or barbecued). Use herbs for your salads and grilled meats and try to combine each of your meals with green veggies and fresh fruits.

How to lose weight in 10 days with exercise

Exercise is necessary for fast but permanent weight loss. The six exercise tips below can help you lose weight in 10 days and can guarantee that weight loss will continue and most importantly that you will keep the weight off.

  1. Aerobics: Start with running on a treadmill for 60 minutes (even with a slow speed). You can split your workout in three, 20 minutes sessions (morning, afternoon, evening). You need to do this every day for the next 10 days.
  2. Stretching Exercises: You can start your day with 3-5 minutes of gentle stretching exercises. This is particularly important, since it will relax your hip muscles and give more flexibility to the spine. It is a great way to start and end your day.
  3. Weight lifting: While aerobics is a great way to lose fat, if you add weight training and resistance exercises to your workout plan you will achieve a faster weight loss. Weight lifting can help you build more muscles, which in turn will accelerate the fat burning process even at periods of rest. Start with moderate weights, with 1-2 sets of 8-12 reps twice a week on non-consecutive days, and choose an exercise for each muscle group: arms, abs, chest, back and legs. If your physical condition allows it, increase the weight and do exercises that are more difficult.
  4. Perform your exercises correctly: While working out make sure you stand correctly, i.e. with your body straight and slightly stretched. Spend a few minutes and inspected your attitude in the mirror. Pull your shoulders back, lift your chest and tighten your abs. Try to make this position your ‘normal position’. Ask your personal trainer for assistance.
  5. Exercise for fun as well: If you are getting bored with aerobics and stretching then you can take yoga or dancing classes (highly rhythmic dance). It is very important enjoy your exercise sessions and have fun in the process. Do not just stay in one form of exercise but also try different activities that can keep you fit and happy at the same time.
  6. Spend some time for YOU: You need a relaxing activity, whether it is a delightful bath or a massage or sometime of loneliness along with your favourite music. Ten minutes suffice to refresh your mind. Remember that your body needs to rest as well.

How to lose weight in 10 days naturally

So, you’ve decided it’s time to shed some pounds for an important event or you’re just sick and tired of being around ten pounds overweight. Well, you can do it if you put your mind to it. It just takes a little determination combined with a realistic yet healthy perspective towards losing weight. In this section, we will give your some tips on how to lose weight in 10 days, in a healthy and natural way.

1. You are no longer in the “Fast” Lane

If you want to find out how to lose weight in ten days, then you will definitely have to stave off your hunger with more healthy foods. That means you will not be able to make a trip over to your favourite fast food restaurant, bakery or deli nor visit any vending machine that offers such “treats” as potato chips, pork rinds or any foods that lack nutrition but provide plenty of calories. Forget that such foods exist if you want to make a commitment to your diet plan. That means you will have to avoid any foods made with white flour, any sugary foods, all fried foods, red meat and any meat that is processed like bologna, hot dogs or sausage.

2. Get Moving

Another step you will need to take is to exercise at least five days a week. If you are not used to a daily routine, it is probably better to start with, say, ½ hour walking per day. You have to keep moving to a certain degree if you want to speed up your metabolism to lose weight quickly.

3. Stay Hydrated

Next, you will have to make it a goal to consume an adequate amount of water daily. Water assists in cleansing the system and speeding up your metabolic rate so drinking water between meals and after exercise is one of the most effective ways to get rid of any surfeit of weight quickly. If you do not want to drink plain water, choose a flavoured variety that does not have any calories. If you are wondering how much water you should consume per day, simply take half of what you weigh. This is the number of water ounces you should drink per day. Therefore, if you weigh 130 pounds, you should drink 65 ounces of water. Since there are 8 ounces in a cup, then you should drink about eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily.

4. Forget the Coffee and Cola

In addition, you will have to give up the caloric beverages you may now consume. Therefore, you will need to forgo the lattes with extra cream or any cola that have extra calories. Keep your coffee consumption to a minimum because caffeine can disrupt one’s digestion. If you want to lose weight “naturally”, do not add caffeine to the mix. You can instead opt for high alkaline drinks that give you energy and help your body get rid of the unnecessary toxins.

5. Catch your Zs

Getting your proper rest is essential too. You cannot digest your food properly if you are not getting enough sleep. You need the additional sleep so your body can recuperate from the day’s stresses and activities and function well metabolically. Studies have shown that people who do not obtain the proper amount of rest often will have a harder time losing weight and keeping it off in comparison to those people who get their proper beauty sleep. Therefore, sleep is important to anyone who wants to look good as well as lose weight and stay slim too.

6. Slimming Foods

You already know what you cannot eat. Now you can concentrate on what foods are acceptable with respect to effective weight loss, especially if you want to take the weight off in ten days. If you plan your diet around the basic four food groups, that is a good start. You can be assured that you will definitely lose weight and keep it off if you focus on eating fruits and vegetables and keep such foods as part of your mainstay nutritionally.

7. Eat your Greens

Eat broccoli and cauliflower everyday as these vegetables contain fewer calories than what it takes to digest them. In addition, lettuce can be prepared in a number of different ways. Prepare a salad with iceberg lettuce, a little cabbage, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and slices of carrots. Top with a sprinkling of unsalted almond slices. For a dressing, use olive oil, vinegar, and you will be well on your way to being thinner after ten days.

8. Optimum Nutrition

Make sure you steam your vegetables so they will hold most of their nutritional value. Fruits will play heavily in your weight loss plan too so make sure you have apples, oranges, grapefruit, cantaloupes and kiwi on the menu.

9. A Slimming Selection

Bran is equally helpful when you are losing weight. You can have it every day for breakfast and notice a reduction in your weight in the frame of ten days. Bran is a notable food as it has been proven to help people lose weight and keep it off.

10. Detox

As you can see, many of the foods are fibrous which help in cleansing the system. When you cleanse or detox your system, you also speed up your metabolism and utilize nutrients more effectively. As a result, you not only speed up your system so it burns calories more efficiently, you will also feel more energized. Therefore, you are better able to participate in exercise without feeling sluggish or rundown.

11. The Basic Plan

Therefore, it is important to include fruits, vegetables and bran in your diet plan. In addition, add whole grains, chicken, fish and legumes to further your efforts toward quick weight loss.

12. The Benefits of Legumes

Legumes such as red beans, pinto beans, lentils and lima beans satisfy the appetite and provide the needed protein and fiber that will speed up your metabolism and help you burn calories with more proficiency.

13. Add Chicken and Fish

Eating chicken and fish are good protein foods and do not have the additional fat that inhibits the effective loss of weight. So, add them to your menu if you want to shed weight fast.

14. The 10-Day Guarantee

If you eat any of the aforementioned foods in measured portions and consume plenty of water while exercising at least five days per week, you will see your weight drop to your desired goal in only 10 days.

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