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Weight loss tips for men

Ask a man over 18 years if he is following a diet. Three out of four will answer yes. Weight loss tips for men to lose weight quickly and healthy.

Ask a man over 18 years if he is following a diet. Three out of four will answer yes – according to a recent U.S. survey, and these results are not very different in Europe. The weight loss efforts are through, books, weight loss programs, diets, and many other weight loss tips that are promoted through the Internet and other media.

But even with all those weight loss tips, the Europeans and Americans continue to fatten. Today, almost 70% of the population in those continents are overweight (a BMI over 25). In this post we will provide weight loss tips for men and women to help them reach their desired weight.

What makes a weight loss diet successful?

The question you have to ask your self is the following: since almost all men follow a weight loss diet why to we continue to fatten; Ultimately what is important and what makes a weight loss diet successful is not how many pounds you lose or how quickly you lose it, but for how long you can kept the low levels. Unfortunately, surveys show that after a period (usually six months after the weight loss), the weight is slowly starting to reappear.

The gross return

Why is it so difficult for someone to finally avoid the regain of the lost weight? Give your attention to the following three weight loss tips: biology, environment and pressures of modern life.


The metabolism is programmed to take care for our survival in times of food shortage and usually works against you if you follow a weight loss diet. The metabolism becomes slower trying to preserve energy, in other words calories. When you are hungry, your body will not spend the same calories as before doing the same things. This result is to reduce the calories your body burns even more.


It is much more difficult to lose weight and keep it today than it was 20 years ago and because there are too many incentives to eat more and move less. The cheapest foods are often the unhealthiest. Physical activity has decreased due to various devices, but also because entertainment is often sedentary, such as television and computer games.

Finally, do not forget the fact that the people making sedentary work have increased substantially, ie spend eight to ten hours a day sitting in an office.

Pressures of life

The weight control requires hard work. If you have other problems in your life like disease, too much work or fighting with friends, then the energy you have available for any situation (such as weight control and weight loss) is reduced. So you gradually return to your old habits.

A simple strategy

Those who have strong incentives, they manage not to get the lost weight back. The research so far about weight loss gives you a clear picture of what to do. Some of the most detailed information comes from a long-term US study.

The study contains information on 3,000 people who have lost 14-45 pounds (on average 27 kg) and then maintained a stable weight for at least a year (on average five years). They lost weight using many different weight loss diets and programs. Those who managed to maintain and not regain the weight they lost had some common characteristics.


The people who managed not to regain the weight they lost; on average they burn 2,700 calories a week by exercising. This corresponds to approximately one hour of moderate activity every day, for example walking 8 kilometres a week.

The researchers believe that exercise is the most important factor for a successful weight loss. It is not clear if people who lost less weight are because they did not exercise as much. Nevertheless, a large part of the research shows that exercise is necessary to address the tendency of the body to regain weight. Without exercise, other efforts will have preliminary results. There are very few people who can lose weight and keep it without increasing the level of activity.

Self Control

The people in the study were very disciplined and had very good self-control. They used the scale regularly to control their weight and recorded what they eat on a regular basis. Self-control is very important because it allows for early warning in case there are changes in your weight. Also, it gives you the opportunity to take immediate action.

This does not mean that you have to panic every time the scale rises a few grams. Just reminds you that if you increase the weight, you should have a specific plan to deal with.

It is believed that men can lose weight more easily than women due to the nature of their body and bone structure. Nevertheless a lot of men follow a weight loss diet because they are not happy about their weight. The above article presented some solid weight loss tips for men that can help is a healthy and safe weight loss.

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