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I Want To Lose Weight Where Do I Start

I finally made the decision: I want to lose weight! If you’ve decided that you need to lose weight – be it for aesthetic or health reasons – it’s often difficult to know where to begin. There are so many different techniques, methods and diets to try that it’s almost impossible to make an informed decision. Luckily, weight loss usually comes down to a few important rules and these are where you should start. This article will take you through the most basic rules of all – reducing your calorie intake and increasing the amount of exercise you do.

Create a calorie deficit the healthy way

Although it isn’t fashionable to say that weight loss is just about creating a deficit in the number of calories your body uses, in reality that’s all that really matters. For that reason if you’re beginning to lose weight you need to work out how many calories you consume on an average day. It can be quite shocking to discover how much you’re eating which is why it’s always useful to make a note of everything you eat over a certain period. Once you have a benchmark you can then work on reducing your average intake.

This is important because many people assume that they have to crash diet in order to lose weight. Fortunately, this simply isn’t true and trying to eat as little as possible can actually damage your health and chances of losing weight in the long run. For example, if you suddenly stop eating then you may lose weight but your body’s metabolism will also have decreased. This means when you go back to eating normally you’ll put on weight much faster. Another problem is that a crash diet is very difficult to keep up for any length of time.

If you want to lose weight you have to exercise

Exercise is the other piece of the weight loss puzzle. If you’ve never been interested in sports then increasing the amount of exercise you do can seem daunting. You might imagine that the local gym is full of slim, fit people and be embarrassed to visit. The truth is that to lose weight you need to start exercising as much as possible. Some experts estimate that you need to perform cardiovascular exercise for around 250 minutes a week in order to lose weight which is a lot more than many people do in a month.

It’s important not to think you have to reach this goal straight away though. Start by setting yourself smaller targets and work up to 250 minutes a week. This will increase your confidence as you can see gains in your fitness. If going to the gym doesn’t excite you then consider going swimming, joining a dance group or taking up a new sport. Jogging is also great for weight loss although you need to be careful not to increase your mileage immediately.

Follow a weight loss program that suits your needs

Hopefully this article has given you a few ideas for getting started with weight loss. It’s vital that you come up with a plan – both for diet and exercise – that you can stick to for an extended period. The most common mistake people make when trying to lose weight is not creating a balanced diet which means it’s difficult to be consistent. Yo-yo dieting (where someone loses weight, puts it back on and then loses it again) is not only frustrating but could also potentially damage your health and hence should be avoided at all costs.

In summary, if you want to lose weight you should work out your daily calorie intake and then decide how to reduce it by at least 20% – potentially more if required. You should then increase the amount of exercise you do in a way that’s fun, enjoyable and sustainable.

About the author

Hara Hagikalfa

Hara Hagikalfa completed her BSc(Hons) in Health and Exercise Science, Sports Science and Medicine. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. You can learn more about Hara and connect with her on Facebook


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  • For a stress free daily weight loss all you need is dieting and exercing. You have to cut your daily calorie intake. How? Instead of eating hefty meals 3-times per day, reduce the quantity and eat 5 different times small meals to assauge the hunger pangs. Avoid food rich in carbohydrates but eat more of proteinous and vitamins rich foods e.g Fruits & Vegetables. Drink lots of water 7-9 glasses of water will be great.

    Involve yourself in exercises e.g Swimming, Joggimg, Walking, e.t.c It does not necessarily have to be a gym-based exerciser.

  • It isn’t about knowing..it’s about awareness..and putting the facts right and inculcate it into our daily lives.
    We all know..yet we look for answers outside..we all need a bit of motivation to get started…but what really lasts is self-motivation and an undying effort to see considerable changes.

  • My name is zainab am 89 kg i tried so maney times to lose weight bt i could’nt so can u plz help me and tel me how to start to lose weight

  • Hello,
    i’m simin, 18 year old and i’m 64 kg. my hight is 168 cm.
    i wanna loose my wight. please help me ! thanks!

  • ihi,im muneza im doctor but due to my job n household work i neglect my self n now im 86kg before my marriage iwas 55kg iwant to reduce till 60 but feeling my self helplees plz help me out…..

  • It is very true that you cannot lose weight without exercise. If you’re not a big gym-goer you can start swimming which is basically the most effective for weight loss. You lose a lot of calories while swimming per hour (more than jogging).
    You should eat everything in moderation but try to stay away of sweets and carbohydrates. Good luck