Rapid weight loss diets. Do they work?

Weight loss has become one of the biggest businesses these days. People from all walks of life have become so conscious with their looks that they are willing to go the extra mile just to get the body they want.

The importance of catering to everyone’s needs has pushed the industry to come out with different kinds of diets, which were all designed with specific type of people in mind. If you are new to the world of weight loss, you’d no doubt want to lose weight in the fastest time possible.

One of the options you might choose is going through rapid weight loss diets, which is very enticing indeed. Who wouldn’t want losing weight in a flash, right? While this sounds really great, it begs one important question—does it really work?

There are a lot of options when it comes to losing weight rapidly. You can go for the Atkin’s diet, the Grapefruit diet, the Russian Airforce diet or even a bread and butter diet.

There’s a lot more, and you should have no problem choosing among them. When it comes to losing weight per se, these diets work- there’s no doubt about that. What you need to be concern about though is the effects they have in your body. Here are some reasons why experts don’t suggest going through the rapid weight loss route.

Health risks

Fad diets, as how rapid weight loss diets are also called, are linked to a number of health risks. For one, these kinds of diets might lead to bulimia and anorexia. Since you are going to lose weight without waiting for your body to adjust, you may also experience loose skin as a result of the weight lost.


Much of the weight lost in this kind of diet is water weight.  This simply means you’d end up gaining the weight back when you get off the diet. For one, this will end up in a lot of frustration. People who have been losing weight this way are known to be jubilant when they shed off the pounds, only to get down with frustration when they end up going back to their original weight. Maintaining fad diets for a long time is dangerous, so going through it again is not recommended.

What can you do?

If rapid weight loss diets work, but are not recommended—what should you do? It’s simple. Lose weight the old and tested way. The first thing that you’d need to do is to pay your physician a visit. Some people are not really fit to go on a diet, so it’s best to have yourself checked first. Once your doctor gives you the go sign, choose the best diet and then change your lifestyle.

Remember that following an eating pattern is not something you do for a few days—it needs to be incorporated to your lifestyle if you want to truly lose weight. There are a lot of diets you can choose from, but one of the best is the Mediterranean diet.

When it comes to achieving a sexy body, we always recommend doing it slowly—but surely. You’d be better off losing a few pounds a week, than going on a crash diet then end up gaining it all back after a few weeks.

By losing weight the right way, you save yourself from a lot of frustration plus you get to maintain the body that you want and be proud of. Just remember to get a clearance from your doctor first, follow a healthy eating pattern, work out, and drink a lot of water.

About the author

Hara Hagikalfa

Hara Hagikalfa completed her BSc(Hons) in Health and Exercise Science, Sports Science and Medicine. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. You can learn more about Hara and connect with her on Facebook


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  • Society is slowing demanding people to have “nice bodies” to fit in or to feel welcomed. There are a lot of vunerable people out there who do not want to take the right route, who would rather just lose the weight now than be satisifed in the end.

  • I don’t know why people think its difficult to loose weight. Why everybody is trying new and new products. You need to do some basic plan and changes in your daily routine in order to loose weight. By the way your tips are helpful and good. Thank you.