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Burn Calories and lose weight by walking

Most, if not all, of us know that exercise is the best way to burn calories, lose weight and get into shape. However, most of us are too lazy to do so. Many people hate running and biking because they feel like they are running out of air after exercising. For those people there is a solution to lose calories and pounds and this is by walking. Even though it does not burn as much calories compared to running, it could also help burn a fair amount of calories and it is safer especially to those people who have joint problems.

The amount of calories burned through walking varies on the speed, the type of terrain and the amount of load carried by the person. Obviously, walking in top speed, uphill, and with a heavy load allows a person to burn more calories than a normal walk in the park. This article enumerates the amounts of calories burned by a 70 kilogram man with each variety of walk.

Type of Walk Calories burned per hour
Walking with a backpack 490
Walking downstairs 210
Cross country Hiking 420
Walking upstairs while carrying 1 to 15 lbs. of load 350
Walking upstairs while carrying 16 to 24 lbs. of load 420
Walking upstairs while carrying 25 to 49 lbs. of load 560
Walking upstairs while carrying 50 to 74 lbs. of load 700
Walking upstairs while carrying 75+ lbs. of load 840
Rapid Military Marching 455
Walking uphill with 0 to 9 lbs. of load 490
Walking uphill with 10 to 20 lbs. of load 525
Walking uphill with 21 to 42 lbs. of load 560
Walking uphill with 43+ lbs. of load 630
Walking while carrying an infant or a 15 lbs. load on ground level or downstairs 245
Loading and unloading a car 210
Walking with crutches 350
Walking while pushing or pulling a stroller with a child 175
Race walking 455
Pleasure walking 245
Walking to a neighbor’s house 175
Walking the dog 210
Walking to and from an outhouse 175
Nordic Walking 412
Walking downhill at 2.5mph 196
Walking 5mph 560
Walking in a ground level, very slow pace at less than 2mph 140
Walking in a firm surface, slow pace at 2mph 175
Walking in a firm surface at 2mph 210
Walking in a firm surface, moderate pace at 3mph 231
Walking on a grass track 350
Walking uphill 3.5 mph 420
Walking in a firm surface, very brisk pace at 4mph 350
Walking in a firm surface, very brisk pace at 4.5mph 441
Walking on treadmill 3.5mph 266
Walking around the house 140
Walking for pleasure or work break 245
Walking to work or to class 280
Walking from car or  bus to destination 175
Walking while bird watching 175
Walking while pushing a wheelchair 280


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  • i am very fat about 84 kilograms and the doctor told me to loose weight or i will get diseases.so please help me

  • sham u can probably follow Atkins diet with exercise i lost 10 pounds in two weeks by this and Atkins is very healthy they say don’t eat any carbs but i used yo eat half a tortilla or a cup of boiled rice in a week to keep carbs in my body coz u cant completely cut em off..so try it..n gud luck