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Weight Loss Tips for Teenage girls

The teenager years, or the adolescent, or the puberty years, whatever you prefer to call it, is one of the main turning points in one’s life. It is also the time that both girls and boys become conscious of themselves, which is why most of them want to lose weight. Granted, weight loss can be achieved just by about anyone, but, because of their childish tendencies, these teenagers try to lose weight in a very unhealthy manner.

At some point, especially with teenage girls, most prefer the ‘fast track’ and other diet regimens that promise to give results in a few weeks, or even days. However, these schemes not only they do not present results but they may generate side-effects that are quite harmful to the body.

If you do not want to do a deep research on how to lose weight here are some weight loss tips for teenage girls that will give you a good idea of what you need to do to address your weight problem. The list below is by no means complete but by following these tips you ensure that you are going towards the correct direction.

  • Breakfast is one of the most important meals, and this is even more important for teenagers that need the nutrients and minerals in order to supplement their growing bodies. Eating healthy in the morning will give you more energy to cope with your lessons and activities and will keep your stomach full until launch time. If you think about it, all it takes to eat breakfast in the morning is to wake up 10 minutes earlier. Once you make it a habit everything else will be easier and you will feel better and healthier.
  • Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables. If you really want to lose weight, you need snacks that are not only delicious and tasty but are also packed with nutrients and vitamins. As a teenager you need all the energy you can get from food and fruits and vegetables are among the best sources. Perfect examples are apples, oranges, bananas and apricots.
  • Commit yourself to doing as much physical activity as possible. A careful diet is only the first part of the weight loss equation; the other part is physical activity and exercise. You do not have to join a gym or do any formal training; any physical activity is beneficial for your weight loss efforts provided that you do it regularly. For example do not underestimate the benefits of walking in losing weight. Walking is easy to do and can do wonders to your weight loss. Whenever you get a chance to walk, run, climb the stairs, and engage into sports (basketball, tennis etc) do it. It will help you burn calories faster and boost your metabolism.
  • Do not forget that if you cannot address your weight loss problem alone, there are dedicated professionals to give you guidance and advice. The web is certainly a good way to get information but if this fails you need to consult a physician or a dietician first. This is in order to have a proper and full physical examination of your body, and to know the types of food that you should be eating.

Finally, it is good to care about your appearance and weight but do not take it very seriously. There are more important aspects of a person’s character that bypass the external appearance and enrich the internal beauty. Do not lose your confidence and self esteem and be sure that weight loss is a problem that you can tackle if you really want to. It sometimes takes more time then you might think but there is absolutely no reason why you cannot make it.

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Hara Hagikalfa completed her BSc(Hons) in Health and Exercise Science, Sports Science and Medicine. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. You can learn more about Hara and connect with her on Facebook


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  • well i want to lose weight really badly but i dont know what excercise is good for me i have a really bad back problem and it hurts really badly if i do any kind of excercise and i cant stand it what is the right excercise for the back that would work the most?

  • I am a fourteen year old female and I am going off to highschool, and although I know that I should eat breakfast I just am too shy to eat around a large number of people and it takes me to long to get dressed in the morring to eat befor I leave out for school.

    But my main problem is my gut I weigh 120 pounds and I am 4’8” I dont know if that is healthy. All I need to know is if my weight is healthy for my height and what foods I can eat to get rid of my stomach
    Sincerly- Diamond

  • dear diamond if u take to long to get dressed then ask your parents to have granola bars cereal bars and fruits in the house so on your way to school just eat it so your not hungry and so ur not eating in front of anyone and 4’8″ and 120 pounds is unhealthy because i’m 5’4″ and i weigh 110 lbs and im still overweight heres the diet i used to lose weight

    breakfast:1/2 cup cereal with milk or a granola bar/cereal bar

    snack: 1 fruit and juice or water

    lunch: a salad with your favorite vegi’s (like olive tomato lettuce)and some light fat free dressing with a side of fruit and juice or water

    snack:fruit juice or water

    dinner: eat 1/2 cup noodles or rice (no fried foods) boiled chicken or meat with no fat side of grilled vegtables

    desert: 1 serving fruit or 1/2 cup fat free ice cream

    notes: remind yourself how good you’ll look and how healthy you’ll be and i lost 10 pounds in a week but you have to exercise at least 30min a day so it works and is healthy you join a sport you like and walk or run any chance you have i hope this is helpful if u any questions just post them and ill get back to you

  • my doctor told me to excercise at least 30 minutes a day..along with watching what i eat..try eating smaller portions. eat a decent breakfast, a decent lunch, and a small dinner. breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. dinner should be the smallest. always weigh yourself in the morning, that’s when you are the lightest. pasta and salads are good for diets because they are “fillers.” they fill you up really quickly. with any type of meat, take the fat off. with chicken, take the skin off. low fat foods are always good. for something sweet, eat fruit. you can have as much of it as you want. if you ever think that you are hungry, drink water to fill you up. you might try going to your doctor for a diet plan, or get your family involved so they can help you out with it.

  • im 15 5ft 1 and weigh around 9 stone
    i have been trying to lose weight now and have gone from 10 stone 11 to 9stone 3
    but i want that extra bit of weight to go because i want to be skinny like all my friends
    i hate the feeling wen i go out that people are lokking at me and laughiong
    any advice on how to lose fat quickly as im going back to school next week and want to be skinnier

  • i am a 1st year degree student having 18 years ,,,i weigh 78 kg and 176 cms even though i have taken many efforts to reduce my weight there is no result… i

  • I’m 14 years old, 5’1″ and about 120 pounds. Am I very overweight?
    I plan a diet but I don’t know how to exercise. My mom won’t allow me to go to gym or walk around alone. What should I do?

  • Hi..im 16 and i currently weigh 220 and im trying to lose weight before the next summer….its august and i want to be 180 and i think im 5’6…and ive been really struggling..please help!

  • Hi i just want to ask, how can i lose tummy fat, like what exercise i should do, what foods should i eat and avoid. Great article πŸ˜‰

  • I am 13 almost 14 years old, and a freshman in high school. I weigh around 160 lbs and I am 5’3. I really want to lose weight and I’ll start trying these things as soon as I get home. I hope this helps get rid of my stomach so I’m not so self-conscious.

  • I am 18 years old and really self concious it has only started recently but there is one thing that i do believe will help weight loss. working out is the most effective way. i have such a hard time pushing myself to do it but after it feels so great!. Ive been reading up on an apple cider vinegar drink that help with weight loss , does anyone know if it works?

  • I get really self concious when I’m at school, because i am not the skinniest person. I really want to lose weight fast, but i just don’t know how. I exercise regularly, and im losing weight slowly by doing that, but i want to know what foods get rid of stomach fat, and quick, and what foods are extra fatty. love you xx <3 πŸ˜‰

  • Okay, so, I have this habbit to eat really crunchy things. Like Crackers and cookies, and stuff related. But when I have crackers I always have cheese, or peanut butter, or butter, or jam… And when I have cookies I have milk [ =3 ].

    My mom noticed my habbit was getting worse. So she told me I should eat ice? And wow. It works. And frozen juices are great :3. I lost 30 pounds in 4 weeks πŸ˜› No more crackers and cheese for me. :3

  • i’m 15 turning 16 soon, & i’m 5’10 but i weigh something like 12.6stone its rediculous people say that i weigh that much because of my height but i dont think it is… I have a big belly on me that i would love to get rid of but am i reeally normall weight for my height??

  • Well, I’m 16 and 5’11. I want to lose weight but I’m adicted to candy bars and icecream. I try to kick the habit but I tend to always fall back into my old routines. I exercise, but I’m not losing weight at all. I know its because of the candy. It’s just that I’m not that confident and I want people to like me and I’m tired of trying 10 time more than those who are skinny. I don’t want to be super skinny, I just want to lose some weight. How do I kick the candy bar habits and lose weight so I can get into a cute, short prom dress.

  • Okay you can’t always go by hieght and weight girls, you’d be amazed at all the skinny girls who weigh 140+ and are fairly short. Weight can also be in your breasts witch is not something to be ashamed of. Im 5’5 and weigh 160, and according to the BMI scale that is healthy.

  • So im 17 and im 218 lbs. and ive tried to start dieting and excersizing but im just not motivated, its so hard for me and i get teased every day for it and ive had it, what can i do to help motivate me more?

  • I have the same issue chelesea and I understand I think the best thing to do is to find friends that are going through the same thing that u are going through soo just find a friend to motivate you and dont listen to people when they talk to you crazy do you and dont worry bout no one else……………..

  • i am a 17 year old girl and i wiegh 175 lbs. i an 5’7 but my problem is that i mostly all my fat is centerd around my gut and my arms. how do i get rid of that in 5 weeks before my 18th birthday?

  • i am 14 years old and i am 5’9 feet tall. i weigh 155 pounds and people say its because of my height but i have alot of belly fat and the love handles. i really want to know how i can burnn off the belly and back fat because as much as my height has to do with my weight, i know for sure my belly fat has a much to do with it also. i would like to know whats a quick,healthy way to burn off the fat and have a flat tummy. my mom once lost weight but she lost 10 pounds in a month and she worked out daily at a gym, and ate healthy, but i see that a girl who posted here lost 10 pounds in a week!!! which i die for to accomplish. can i please get tips to burn off atleast 5 pounds of belly fat in a week and reach my goal for a flat tummy? i would love to lose all the extra ugly stomach fat in say… about a month? help me please!

  • Hey Liliana, your target weight should be about 140 pounds. And if you wanna lose back and tummy flub then simple cartio is the way to go, and cabbedge, Yes Iknow it sounds gross, but it works πŸ˜›
    And try juicing….? It’s very affective, but don’t get addicted, do some reading up of it first…

  • I’m 15 years old. Weigh 139 pounds and am 5’6. I’m so self conscious and i can’t stand it. Even in Summer i’ll wear hoodies just to hide my love handles. Or i buy pants that i can pull up over my belly button. I honestly hate it so much and would greatly appreciate some advice. Also my arms are pretty flabby. But i’m scared if i do push ups, that my arms will become even bigger. Besides that i just want to tone up my thighs and gut. My eating habbits really arn’t the best and are something i need to work on. But i have problems skipping meals and then eating A LOT at dinner. :/ Someone help me please?

  • I have been self conscious about my weight ever since I can remember. I have always played a lot of sports while growing up and throughout high school. Now I am 18 years old and in college. I am 5’8″ and weigh 160pounds. I know I am overweight and I also know that some of it may be muscle, however, I am ashamed of my body. My love handles are gigantic and I wish there was something I could do about them. Loosing weight is hard enough for me and as for my love handles slimming down…

    If any one has any advice about loosing your love handles, it would be greatly appreciated as for I have been trying for the past 3 years.


  • I’m 5’6 and i weigh 130 pounds. I’m a runner and I run about 20 miles a week so I have a lot of muscle. I still feel like I should loose some weight. Should I?

  • hi i’m a 17 years old bangladesi girl……………………. and i’m just sick of my weight..my weight is 65 k.g and i’m 5’4 inch long in height.how 2 loose my weight

  • I’m 15 years old and I’m 5’3. I weigh 135 pounds. I’ve been trying to loose weight by excercising for an hour daily and cutting down my calorie intake, so far it has worked. I have lost 17 pounds over 2 months but recently my weight loss has stopped. I am still eating healthy and increasing my excersize so I’m not sure whats happeneing. I still have belly fat that I am hoping to loose. I need help.

  • I am a 17 year old girl and all i want to do is eat. I weigh over 200 pounds and im 5’7. Its getting ridiculus and i cant find the motivation to loose weight. My family constantly pressures me but it just makes me want to work out less. Its so embarrasing and i need help! graduation is in 4 months and i want to lose 50 pounds! help!

  • Heyy…well I’m 15 years old 5’5 and I weigh 130 I’m not that chubby and I have lots of muscel but I want to lose 20 pounds. I exercise but eating right is just so hard how do I do it?

  • I’m 14, 5’3 and about 130 pounds. My diet totally sucks. I only eat wen I’m hungry, but I won’t be hungry all day though I usually try to eat a yogurt or something. I can’t actually remember the last time I was hungry at all. I do exercise atleast 30 mins a day, I just can’t eat! Help?

  • I’m a 16yr old girl who is 5′ 2″ and 175lb. o.o i need a food guide and a little help. thx! <3

  • Hiya, im always having trouble with my weight, im putting on pounds then taking them off, its never ending, i want to be slim for my prom in july, ive got a bludging belly and bingo wings. Im 16 and i want to get fit asap. Please help me?

  • Laaadieeees, drink green tea with splenda and maybe a little benefibre, that stuff is great and an amazing metabolism booster, the splenda makes it sweet without sugar and the green tea has antioxidants in it to help you flush your system and burn fat. exercise everyday, 15 minutes of cardio like running or jogging and ten minutes of muscle building like arm curls and weight lifting, eat most of your calories in the morning and never eat after 8:00PM, hope it helps..

  • I’m about 5″3 and 135 – 140 lbs. Im 12. I’ve been trying to lose weight since I was 9. I just don’t know how . How can I stay motivated and not “cheat” ? What is a good goal weight for me ?

  • Im 12, i am abouut 5′ 5′ and i take so much crap from people in my school cause i weight 220 pounds.. im starting my diet today and im using all of tthe tips on here. im going to dedicate my whole entire summer to loosing weight. When ever im skinny im going to tell them off. I cant wait and i know i can do this (: thank you all for the help

  • Im 12 years old, im 5’0 and 1/2 and weight 130 pounds. my family is having a hard time right now so we dont have the money to send em to weight lose camp or anything like that. My mother is very controling and doesnt listen to what i have to say and always think she is right. And doesnt let em walk around by myself or ride my bike alone. I also have no friends because of my weight and the friends i do have live far away. so i have no motivation and when i do it alone it seems more of a chore or something i have to do. When i go school shopping its always so depressing to see the sizes i should be in but instead i go 4 or 5 sizes up. I also have this huge hips that stick out and sag down i have no idea how to get rid of them. Any advice would be helpful πŸ™

  • i am 20 yrs old i am 66 kg`s and i have spend my holidays in my home in this time my weight get increasing what can i do????tell sum tips to reduce my body weight……

  • Well im 16 years old and I know eating well and exercise is the path to a healthy body for your whole life. I love to work out (i know its weird) i do cross country, weight lifting, swimming, yoga, hiking and swimming. But i weigh 158 pounds and I’m 5 foot 8 inches, i know i should eat better, i am comfortable in my body but, i want a healthier diet, what kinds of foods should i eat that taste good and are good for me???

  • I’m 14, 5″7 and i weigh around 100kg ive been bullyied everyday since year 3 i’m now in year 9.. which is half of the reason to my weight problem..the other day i decided it was enough and that im going to lose theweight and hope the bullying stops…ive already figured out my exercise routine..but all i need help with is a good diet,that Will help me lose Weight Fast. πŸ™‚

  • I am 13 and im 5′ 4″ and weigh 130 lbs and i want to know how to get rid of tummy fat i want to be some what skinny like my friends and fit in a little more and im trying to reinvent myself for the new school year so i want to know whqt food to eat and whqt exercises to do

  • Hey im 15, 5’1 and i weigh 120 pounds…people around me say that i get fatter every single day…i don’t know why ths happened because i dont eat like a pig…

  • I’m 16 and I am 5″3, while weighing 163. Most of the fat is centered above my natural hip line. I have been eating breakfast every day since July 20th, I also have been working out on my Gazelle but I haven’t shed a pound. What am I doing wrong?

  • im 14 and i weigh 190 rn, but i’ve lost 30 lbs over about 2 months. i try to excersise everyday if i can, and i just cut back a little on what i eat. i dont eat sugar anymore and today i started the atkins diet. ive done it before and it works really well i just have to stick to it. cut back on carbs and get the right amount of calories for your body because starving yourself is a very unhealthy way to lose weight

  • I’m 13 . I weigh 164pounds . I want to lose weight .
    But i need help . I need a lot of tips . Also some facts
    Please help me.

  • Okay i’m 13 and my height is : 5’3 and my weight is 180 lbs. I went to the doctor a few months ago and I fist started on my diet I lost 20lbs in 2 months and it wasn’t THAT hard after about 2 weeks.
    Breakfast: Scrambled eggs.
    Lunch: Salad, Veggie soup, Mixed Vegies, NUTS NUTS NUTS. Nuts fill you up very quickly and are that bad tasting>(:
    Dinner: White, lean meats. Chicken and Turkey. DONT eat the skin.
    Snack: Veggies,Peices of meat,Nuts,ect.
    My doctor recomended all this and walking 2 miles a day. This diet souds diffictult but no, not really.(: Hope I can help.

  • Ok, I’m 13 years odl, and I weigh over 200 pounds. I am trying to lose 100 pounds before my 15th birthday. What should I do?
    I really need help. And plus Its my last year in middle school. I want to remeber it.
    Please dont judge me. I have been trying like crazy to lose weight but I’m really never motivated… Will someone please help me?

  • Hi,

    I’m 15 and weigh ALOT!! I’m so self concious, I don’t even want to write it. If I were to maintain a healthy food diet of 1000 calories, and I strength train 3 times a week, and try to jog/walk 30 minutes every morning, will I lose weight? I usually play basketball and tennis for a few hours afterwards so i don’t know if that will help at all? My entire family is big and no one wants to change with me so I’m on my own on this. I’ll end up buying alot of my own food and I was wondering if anyone could list what is healthy and ok to eat so I get the right stuff?? haha πŸ™‚ Thanks

  • Okay girlies, im currently 5’7 and i weigh about 130. I used to weigh 155 but i dropped 25 pounds in two months and its really not that hard if ur really dedicated! First thing- NO POP! I know its good and u guys may get tempted but dont drink it. Just replace any drink with water. Instead of having juice thats like 150 caloried just drink water thats only 0! -NO JUNK FOOD! Stay away from fatty things. No cheats at all because once u have one ur gonna want more. -DONT EAT PAST 7. I know some of you may find this kind of silly but it really helps. Especially if u sleep early. (or dont eat 4 hours before you sleep) -EAT BREAKFAST! SOme of you guys skip it and i know cuz i used to do the same but ur metabolism doesnt really start up until eat something. Have a yogurt or something but point u need breakfast. -WATCH WHAT YOU EAT! Im not telling u to go crazy and sit there and count every calorie but check the back labels of some things and look at the total fat and things like that.. if its too much then dont eat! -GO FOR THE DOUBLE T’S turkey and tuna are a delicious and low calorie choice for you if your on a diet! For lunch you can have a turkey or tuna sandwhich on some wheat bread. -CHICKEN! I ate alloottt of chicken (chicken salad) on my diet and NO not chicken wings lol those are full of what but a good boneless chicken. It kept me full and its not fattning! EXERSIZE!!!!!!!!! U can cut back on food all u want but the key factor is exaersizing. A good way to start is by walking an hour everyday at a speed of 4 mph and an incline of 4. When you have an incline it will burn more calories! An hour of walking at that speed a day will burn you about 400-500 calories depending on ur weight πŸ™‚ Also do alot of outdoor activities like walking ur dog, biking, hiking, anythingg that can get u up and moving πŸ™‚ I used to burn around 800 caloried a day which is about 2 hours on the treadmill which isnt really that bad if u put on some good music or watch a movie! Good luck :*

  • So I have just turned 14, am about 5’4 and weigh around 135 pounds! I am sick of looking so fat compared to my skinny friends. I used to weigh around 150 pounds and I lost 15 pounds by just eating healthier and playing tennis. Even though I am still eating healthy and playing tennis, I have stopped losing weight. My goal is to weigh 100 pounds for when I turn 15 but I know that I am going to have to work a lot harder in exercising if I want to do this! Plz give me some daily exercise that would help me lose weight fast!

  • hey im 5,5 and i weigh 130 pounds.. sure i look skinny but the truth is i dont fit into any of my jeans from last year. im going to try dieting (eating ONLY healthy things) and exercising for 30 min. a day for 1 or 2 weeks and ill see if it makes a big difference and get back to everyone. i just want my old weight back!! it was 114.. πŸ™
    but reading this makes me motivated and now im really going to try hard i know i can do it and u guys can to!!!

  • ofcourse there is ‘weight loss secrets and tips’ but even though loosing weight is hard and takes along time. it’s also very simple. don’t eat bad food and excercise. that’s it!! don’t eat takeaway, don’t eat greasy food or sweets. just bread, vegetables, fruit, meat, etc
    and working out isn’t well i did the house work today and i walked to get the mail. excersing means EXERCISING, heart racing, sweating, puffing, red face exercising!! running, jogging, long walks, work out videos, tennis, etc
    also, reward yourself after you loose 3kgs or something πŸ™‚
    goodluck girls xoxo

  • i am 14 almost 15. i am 5 ft 5 in. and i weigh about 225 and it sucks! i want to be a healthy girl but i have a hard time sticking to a diet cuz my dad is always bringing the junk food in the house. (he admitted that he is addicted to chocolate and ice cream. they are ALWAYS in the house) =[ i dont care if my results are fast, i just dont want to graduate in 4 years as an unhealthy girl. Any suggestions on what to do??

  • I am 14 years old. I an 5’7 and weigh 160 lbs. Two summers ago in seventh grade I decided to loose weight. I lost 22 lbs over the summer and the coming year. It felt really good. I still exercise a lot i do Zumba classes and taps at home. I am ok with myself but part of me wants to keep going I want to pick up on my eating habits again I just need to convince myself somehow. I liked reading all of the comments girls left it makes me feel like I am not the only one out there.

  • look u girls are pretty and smart and very willing to lose weight and i need some pounds taken away myself i cry and become less self confedent but all girls no matter what are so pretty and very careful.

  • I’m 5’5″ and 135lbs. My friends say I don’t look fat but I feel the OPPOSITE… I’m 20 so my metabolism is getting A LOT slower than all you young teens… I used to be 107lbs. 2 years ago but with my life being so unproductive now that I’m out of high school I’ve just gained TOO much weight. I’ve tried starving, it works for like a week but once I stopped starving myself I think I actually gained 2xs more than what i lost, I absolutely LOVE food, especially sweets or CHIPS I’m more of a constant snacker than a meal eater which is also worse, but getting out of this habit is so hard. I get super motivated to lose weight… Constantly work out everyday for about a week but I can never just constantly keep at my work outs cause I’m such a lazy b*tch. If anyone has any diet plans that is easy and cheap I’d really appreciate it and if anyone needs a workout partner that has VERY STRONG WILL POWER and lives in the OC, California and wants to lose 20-30lbs. Please contact me all my friends are already super skinny so the never need to worry about any of this so if I need a workout buddy!

  • I am almost 13 and im around 5’2 and weigh 108-110(49-50 kilos) i use to be 48. I was really proud of myself because before i weighed 130 pounds and lost it in one summer. The reason i am on here right now is that when im alone i feel alright with my body but right when i stand next to someone i feel like the fatest girl in the world. Lately, i gained a couple punds and they keep coming on and off and its confusing me cause i am eating pretty healthy. Is there any advice on anything? i only drink water and 100% juice. I cant drink anything else cause it makes me sick thinking about it
    thanks for the help.

  • I’m 5ft 1 and I weigh 45kg is this unhealthy. I want to lose weight but I can’t go to the gym or go on a proper diet.What do I do?

  • Hey guys. I want to tell you how important it is to rethink your goals when it comes to weight loss as a teenager, especially if you’re going through puberty. I, for one understand this because I had to learn things the hard way as a teenager. What I thought was being healthy and losing “unhealthy” fat was actually a stage where I eventually confused “normal” with “fat” and “skinny” with “healthy” as I saw all that weight melt off me by eating less and exercising more. Yet this continuous thinking, without me being alert and conscious of it, developed into anorexia. Girls, I’m not dead now, obviously because I gained weight. But with it, I gained insulin resistance and PCOS because my body couldn’t handle any more food after I limited myself so much. I struggle with hair popping out all over my body, acne, and easily gaining weight–WAY more so than the normal girl or woman does. I don’t get my periods. Even the numbers make sense, as I dropped from 95 lbs to 70, and then gaining to 140 in a matter of 3 years even by going back to what should have been my “normal” eating habits. Don’t make your body weak if you are planning to lose weight. Don’t make the mistake of confusing normal weight with “fat” or “not perfect or satisfactory”. Although we wish to be perfect, we cannot. That is not reality for most of us, and we can do little to control it.

  • Im 14,around 5’7 204 lbs. I am transferring BACK to a school that i went to for about 6 months. I really want to get down to 160 by then. I have about 2 to 3 months. I do great for about 2 or 3 weeks, but then i stop eating good, working out, all the above. I really need some thing to motivate me. Could anyone give me ideas for me to be motivated??? Please help!

  • Ladies muscle weighs more than fat so if you work out and stop seeing weight go down it’s most likely because you’re gaining muscle or youre just not pushing yourself hard enough. Try to drink lots of water and drink rice milk or soy milk instead of regular milk. Also don’t buy anything that says DIET on it because it’s actually a lot worse than the regular. Try not to eat a lot of bread either or anything with yeast because it expands in your belly. Try hiking because it helps clean you out. You should buy the book called the beauty detox secret or something like that. Gives a lot of helpful info.

  • i’m 15 and weigh 76 kg and feel an outsider with my friends cause they are all fit and i’m not. i’m trying to lose wight on my thighs but it just seems it’s not working.. do you have any tips or suggestions?

  • I’m 5 6 and weigh 140 pounds. I playing school sports teams and go to a cultural dance group (very rough dances), but it won’t cut it, in fact, I gained 5 pounds u just this weekend! It’s all far on my belly and thighs and I have pesky love handles. I have little time to work out and have no time for breakfast and snacks. I want to lose at easy 10 pounds before the new year. Any tips?

  • Im 14 and i weigh close to 12 stone and i know that im overweight, it makes me feel so embaressed to go out wiht family and friends because of how i look. i have tried to cut out all of the rubbish foods that i eat beetween meal times but i just cant seem to stick to it. ive also done a trial run of being a vegitarian for a month but i still saw no result. i really need some advice, anything will do i just want to be happy with how i look! please help! πŸ™‚

  • Hey girls,

    I’m 13 i weigh 120 and i’m 5’2″ i play basketball almost 24/7 and i try my best at eating healthy.
    My stomach is the only thing i hate. i exercise about 4 times a week, plus basketball games and practices.
    But girls don’t give up hope! You are not alone, keep going. Just because you might have hit a dead end doesn’t mean giving up! Don’t stop! It’s great that you even started!
    Look you don’t have to go to a gym, or some specail place you can work out a t home.

    Working out shouldn’t be a chore, if your watching TV and there’s a commercial, do some sit-ups or crunches while you waiting. Run around your neighborhood, or bike. And if you parent’s don’t want you running around your neighborhood, run around the outside of your house, or bike around your house. I know it might not be flat, but it ust burns more calories!
    You don’t need any special equipment to do push ups.
    And a good workout for me is take a really short chair, or a sturdy box just something that is sturdy and is about 3 inches shorter then your knee. Put both hands on the box (or whatever) like your going to do push-ups, but take one hand off and put it on the ground, followed by the next, then put one hand back up followed by the other. You can start on your knees if it’s too hard.

    If you need some help or have questions these websites helped me:

    to know what weight you should be at:


    Exercise for teen girls:


    (read whole page, it’s full of great stuff)

    And don’t give up!

  • I am 11 and I am 123 pounds! I really want to loos weight its just really hard! I play sports but it does not help! I do 2 miles on the tredmile and it makes me loos like 1 pound then I just gain it back! what should I do!! I really like cheer but I to over-weight to do it. People make fun of me and it hurts!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  • hi. I’m 16. 5’4 and weigh around 172, i need to lose 15 pounds in 3 months, pls help me, its is possible or impossible?

  • im like 5’3 and weigh like 200 lbs/ african/american….i really would like too loose weight but its hard because im on birth control…im 15 bout to be 16 in march…..i would like too loose 50 lbs…i hope i reach my goal..i started yesterday…but the only thing i would like to loose is my back fat and stomach and arms….i like my thighs …i dnt want to be a stick or nothing because i like curves..i just need some tips on what to eat …how many time i should work out i week,, how long should i work out…whats the fastest way to loose weight…what should i do when i get hungry but i just ate sum food and a snack…??? if yu can help anyone thanks………….

  • Hi I’m 12 almost 13 and weigh exactly 123.4 pounds. I want to loose 40 pounds so I can be skinny like all my friends… I’ve tried everything like not eating sometimes dieting and exercise. I’m not very good at exercising and I really wanna look good because none of the guys at school like me because of what I look like, people always make fun of me. Can someone help me?
    please respond.

  • Hey,
    Ok so I’m 15 about to turn 16 in less than a month. 5’6 and weight probably around 200 pounds. I swim from my school and swim during the summer, but nothin seems to help. My mom and I have tried just about everything !!!! Finally she gave in, she is now getting B12 shots but of course I can’t do that because i’m not 18. I try to go work out EVERY day but sometimes I’m just not motivated to do anything…. && I know my eating habits have to change and we are not doing a low carb diet because we don’t no what else to do !!! I NEED HELP, I don’t want to feel like this when I turn 16.

    The bad thing is … I use to weight about 160 but then my parents got divorced and 5 years later me and my mom moved to Florida from Georgia. I want to be back to my old self …. But i need some gooodddd advice
    THANKSSS , Taylor