Want To Lose Weight? Try These Foods That Increase Metabolism

by Hara Hagikalfa · 9 comments

Losing weight can be hard work. Not only do you have to cut out all your favourite foods but you also need to increase the amount of exercise you do on a regular basis. What many people don’t realise is that there are some foods which can increase your body’s metabolism. This will help you to burn calories faster and with less effort. While increasing your metabolism won’t make you lose weight automatically it can certainly help! Here are some of the most common foods and drinks used to increase the body’s metabolic rate.


Research has shown that people who eat an apple a day are likely to lose more weight than those who don’t. Whether this is because the body’s metabolism is increased when you eat an apple or just because healthier people tend to eat more fruit is not yet known. It certainly can’t hurt to eat apples though – especially if you use them to replace unhealthy snacks.


The reason yogurt is such a useful substance when you’re trying to lose weight is that it requires quite a lot of energy to be broken down. This is because yogurt contains a large amount of protein. For this reason your body has to work hard when you consume it which helps to increase your metabolism. Of course, it’s important to make sure you only eat low-fat yogurt otherwise it could have the opposite effect!

Green Tea

Green tea is probably the most common substance used to increase the body’s metabolism. There are many studies which seem to show that a green tea each and every day can work wonders for various different parts of the body including metabolic rate. The great thing about Green Tea is that it’s enjoyable to drink and can still help you lose weight. It’s also thought that Green Tea may reduce your chance of getting certain types of cancer.


Some people are under the impression that coffee is a “magic pill” for losing weight but that isn’t the case. Although caffeine can give your body’s metabolism a helpful boost it can cause many negative side effects too. For this reason you shouldn’t consume more than one or two cups a day. If you start to have trouble sleeping then caffeine is likely to be the problem and you may have to cut it out your diet. The same can be said if you find you’re more irritable than usual.


It’s often assumed that healthy foods must be dairy , fruits or vegetables but turkey can also increase your body’s metabolism. This is because it’s high in protein which requires a certain amount of calories to break down.

There are many other foods you can use to lose weight. For example, some foods might not increase your body’s metabolism but may reduce your appetite. If you can systematically replace all unhealthy foods with foods that help to burn more fat then you’ll find it much easier to lose weight quickly. On the other hand, you need to be careful not to overeat which can cause additional problems.

Finally, you should always make sure you eat a balanced, healthy breakfast every day. Failure to do so can seriously hamper your efforts to lose weight. Overnight the body’s metabolism will gradually slow down because of the lack of food intake. A reasonable sized breakfast can help to increase your metabolic rate again. On the same note, it’s often a good idea to split your meals up into smaller portions throughout the day in order to balance your body’s metabolism and force it to keep going at a steady rate.

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