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Weight Loss Tips for Kids

In a previous post we shared some weight loss tips for teens and talked about the major causes of teenage obesity. In this post we are going to give you some ideas (to the parents) on what you can do to help your kids maintain their normal weight. Unfortunately the problem of obesity starts on a very early age and the sooner you can deal with it the better will be for the overall health of your children.

If your child is spending more and more time in front of the TV or playing video games then it’s important to make sure they get enough exercise to stay fit and healthy.  Obesity amongst children is becoming an ever greater issue especially as it’s known to cause other health problems such as diabetes.

It’s often difficult for parents to be strict about what their children eat. We all want our kids to have everything they wish for but in reality this isn’t always good for them. Even so, weight loss tips for kids shouldn’t include trying to get your child to understand calories. Instead you need to encourage healthy eating and reasonable portion sizes.

Fortunately, stopping weight gain and reducing weight in children is much easier than many people think. In most cases you’ll need to cut back on the amount of food the child consumes by only a small amount. For example, if you want to stop your child gaining weight then you’ll probably only need to reduce his or her calorie intake by around 50-100 calories per day. This is easy to do by slightly reducing potion sizes and replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy ones.

The best way for your child to lose weight is through a combination of a healthy diet and exercise so in this respect the techniques are no different to that you would use for an adult. However, you definitely don’t want to make your child conscious of being overweight so the changes should be made subtly. For example, there are many kids’ sports teams across the country and this can be a fun way for the child to burn extra calories. If your child isn’t interested in sports then taking them on regular walks or buying them a new skateboard could be a different way of getting them to exercise whilst having fun.

Another important technique for getting your child to lose weight is to set a good example. If your kids see that you regularly eat unhealthy snacks and huge meals then they will think this is normal. You should be a role model by eating healthily and exercising regularly. Not only will this set the right example for your kids but it’ll also be beneficial to your overall health!

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Hara Hagikalfa completed her BSc(Hons) in Health and Exercise Science, Sports Science and Medicine. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. You can learn more about Hara and connect with her on Facebook


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  • i am 13 years old and i weigh like 80-85 pounds ( i haven’t weighed myself like 3 weeks to a month) but am i fat for my age. i am a 12 slim to a 12 regular… everyone says i’m skinny but i don’t think i am so i do like 500 situps everday and 200 push ups too. do i work myself too hard

  • @Heather:
    Yeah, you are working yourself too hard. I’m seventeen, and when I was thirteen, I weighed like 80 pounds too. Ignore the numbers on sizes. I know it’s hard, because even I get frustrated if I have to get a “Medium” instead of a “Small” or if I need a 4 long instead of a 2 long in jeans, but trust me, sizes vary from store to store, company to company. You’re probably about the same size I was at that age, and now, I’m about 115 pounds and I’m still skinnier than a lot of people. It’s all good, girl!

  • I weigh 52 kg and I am 14 years old.
    Is this a normal weight for a teenager?
    Should I be on a diet or not?

  • well when i was 11 i was sooo much over weight i weighed 150 lbs and i still weight 100 and something, i have no modavation
    i take after my grandma and uncle, they take chips and cookies in their rooms all the time and i think its ok, i usually do sit ups everyday and push up everyday how doi lose more weight

  • i am 11 bout to be tweleve i am over 150 lbs and i am wanting to lose weight but i just cant seem to do i how can i lose weight fast?

  • When I was 15 years old I was only 5″7 approximatly 165lbs what i did that worked for me is joined a kickboxing class that was held at my local gym. Before or after the class me and my buddy would lift weights and due circuit training it was a great way to get into shape. I am still heavier then a lot of my friends being 18 years old 6″0 180lbs but I am twice as in shape as all of my friends. So just remember kids its not always what you look like on the outside its how you feel on the inside, don’t get down on yourself if your big you have to be comfortable with yourself. Set short term goals and long term goals to help you achieve what you are looking for!

  • I am a 12 year old girl who ways 137.4 pounds. I try my hardest to loose weight and I’ve lost like 10 pounds I am now 120.3 pounds! I try I work out take jogs in the morning jumping jacks, pull ups, jump rope have helped me so much! i am eating better food I can’t wait to get to my desirable weight!

  • Age doesn’t really matter just height and weight… I weigh 126 and my height is 5’3 and 1/2… but just to add i am 13…. am i fat???? i think im fat but im really not sure….
    so i have a couple questions: How do you know when your fat? Am i fat? If i am not fat, then how much would i have to weigh to be fat?

    Can someone please answer my questionsss?? plzz 🙂

  • I am 168lbs and 5’8. yes i’m overweight but i’m also a big build which makes me much heavier. I think everyone who thinks or is overweight should have confidence. I have lots of confidence and eveyone loves me even though i’m kind of fat!I make fun out of myself which makes people laugh and people respect me because I don’t try to be skinny or keep going on diets. so seriously, i really recommend having confidence!!!! i’m 13 by the way 🙂 x
    And beck, your not fat but you are bordeline so, if you really do want to lose a couple of pounds just do a lot of excercise but if it doesn’t really bother you, leave yourself alone- live life and have fun! 🙂 hope i help x

  • I’ve been trying to lose weight.Im 14.Ive been on a strict diet of eating no more then 1300 calories.Ive only had 600 today.I have a headache because i havent had enough caffine and i walked with my cousin and my sister for an hour and 15 minutes.Im 131 pounds.I lost 4 pounds.Im still 30pounds over weight.Im 5 foot.Every foot you are you must add 5 pounds.I need to be 100 pounds and i must atleast lose 13 pounds.

  • Reading all of these posts, i feel huge… I’m a sixteen year old girl and im about 6 ft. I weigh 270lbs now, for such a big girl, I’m less self concsious than you’d think. But I’m aleady working on my weight. Its just nice to see some other people working on it to, see as in know. I changed my diet a few weeks ago and am now exercising much more…

  • Well this website is awesome, i can communicate with others who have basically the same goal as me. So I am 14 and about 5’1 and i’m 117 pounds. I feel average when i’m with most of my friends, but then when i get with the other group I feel huge. Well not huge, just fat! I have been trying to lose weight for some time but I don’t really know how, besides eat better and get more active..but i give up on the healthy diet quickly into it! Anyone have any good routines?

  • im so fat i weight 120 and im 12 but i dont really look fat at all!? no one knows that im kinda fat cuz i cover it up well but i wanna not have to wear sweatshirts during the summer and pass out once a week….

  • i am 13 years old and i weigh around 115-120 and everyone calls me fat at school and i dont like taking my shirt off at the beach my height is 5’1 and i really want people calling me skinny and be able to take my shirt of at the beach please help me lose weight i want to be around 80 or 70 pounds

  • im 11 and weight over 120 =( i haven’t tried anything yet but im gonna take these tips… wish me luck!

  • When i was 12 i weighed about 160 pounds…
    It stayed that way for a while, And obviously when you grow up you start to notice boys alot more, And you go into highschool.
    I started feeling uncomfortable with myself when i was in grade 9, And i finally decided it was time to do somthing about it. I had nobody telling me how good i was doing when i started to loose weight, i had no motivation at first. You need to sit down and think about it. Just imagine yourself the way you want to be, What you could imagine you would feel good looking like. Dont expect it over night, BUT if you just keep to it, The results will happen soon enough! I lost 40 pounds, And im SO much more comfortable in my skin. Eatting healthy is a huge part of living a healthy lifestyle…It can be fun to! Start with short amounts of intense excersize then add begin to add a few more minutes per week. I also started walking places as often as i could, And also when i was bored. It makes you feel good, and it’s sooo good for your body!

  • Hi I am 11 and 134 lbs and 5’2 also embarassed. My mom says I am fine but don’t feel fine. If anybody can give me tips please answer. 🙁

  • I am 12, and I way 134 pounds. I always think I’m fat but somehow I am at the same weight and I have gone down like 3 sizes! But of course all my friends say I’m not fat but on the inside I know they think I’m bug. Does anyone have any tips I still do pushups and jumping jacks etc. But I hate pushups! I have been trying to loose weight for like 6 months and I’ve lost like 20 pounds! But I’m still going for my ideal weight!

  • i am 4″3 and i weigh 145 pounds. im 11 and i have been trying to loose weigh forever. all my friends are skinny and when im wwith them i feel like i dnt fit in bc im too fat :[ i wish i cud weigh at least 120?? Any tips???

  • I am really fat! I am 13 5’2 and weight 180. That is soo much weight!!!! I dont look really fat I wear a size 6?????? How is that possile???? I wear a small/medium in tops??? just tell me how this is possible? People tell me I am not fat just a little chubby but I feel HUGE, I excersize 3 times a day for 1 hour, I run, jog, weights, crunches, jump rope, and everything else possible, How come I cant lose weight I eat healthy I cut out junk food, flour products, candt, chocolate, fastfood, and I only eat fruits, veggies, lean chicken, only whole grains, and fat free and light yougurt, butter, and most other stuff. Please just tell me what I am doing wrong because I am not losing weight!!!

  • im 13 years old, im 5’4 and i weigh 112 pounds, i think im fat. do i need to loose weight? and if so then how?

  • i am not a teen. but i need tips… i am 11 and i weigh 150-160 and i have tried doing 1000 sit ups for a week and i lost 3 pounds… what else should i do??? PLEASE HELP ME i hate being fat =(

  • I am 13 years oldftter than most the people in my class i am like worried of what people will think what do i do? And i weigh 150 but i dont know how to lose weight i am like not active.All my friends are skinny and i fell like im the fat loser of the crowd. I want to be at least 120. Any tips???????

    I am so worried =-(
    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!

  • Right im 12 years old and i weight 9 stone 13 yeah i know im fat i eat wheatabix no sugar for breakfast and 10 situps in the morning and everning 10-15 exersize trampoline and an apple and for dinner i eat a prawn,chicken or pepper salad but i need more help, what should i do more please help

  • Hi, im Kierra. I am 14 years old and im 153 pounds! i hate it so much, i cry every day and i have no idea how to get rid of it? i tried going on a diet but it didnt work out as well as i thought it was going to. i NEED help to lose weight, please help me!
    Thanks 🙂

  • I am 12 and all of my friends are skinnier than me but I don’t think I look what I weigh.
    I do eat quite healthily and excersise sometimes but my portions are too big for me and there are always snacks in the house and it’s hard too resist when my parents are out!
    How can I keep away and get to the weight I want to be???

  • Hey so I am 5’8, 135 pounds, and 14 years old. Right now, I am just struggling with that extra 10 pounds I want to lose, but I am having a lot of trouble. Lately I have been walking half and hour a day, and dancing while I clean (thought i do look a tad rediculous)… so I hope this works out! keep making these lists please, they are really helpful!!! 🙂

  • @ Lejla
    muscle weighs more than fat so if you wear small clothing but just weigh alot maybe you’ve just got some muscles, woo!

    hello by the way, im 13 im 5ft 2inches and i weigh around 105 pounds, am i fat for my age height and weight?
    i am not toned at all but im working on that by doing cycling and pull ups and stuff 🙂
    please someone answer just so i know 🙂

  • Hey everyone, I am a little afriad of a few peoples comments. I am 21 and have had they same feeling about my weight that you kids are going through. What is really important to know about how to know iif your weight is unhealthy, use the BMI system, the body mass index. It uses one’s height and the range of wieght they should be. Those who fall into the shaded area are those who truly need to watch their weight. Diet and exercise for every age is good. The best diet is not nessesarily counting calories but to avoid pre-made and packaged foods. Eat more veggies and local foods, no pop. For exercise, joining a sports team is perfect, like soccer. Weight lifting a few times a week will help burn extra fat faster than other routines. Girls don’t be hard on yourself because it is almost twice as hard for girls to maintaing weight than boys once they reach puberty. It doable for anyone if you make healthy balenced changes to you diet and exercise. Remeber that your young and you only get one childhood so don’t worry so much about weight and live life to the fullest. The best way to keep motivated is if you make it fun! Good luck to you all, and stay balanced in all things in life 🙂

  • im 137.4 and i really need help loosing it i take gym classes,zumba classes, and i go out side daily and play with my daughter but i don’t know why its so hard for me to loose weight , im trying to be under 119 ir even 110 . so if anyone reads this email me and give me some suggestions please……//♥(:

  • hi everyone im 13 years old i just turned 13 and im so fat ppl call me fat and my mom says i should lose some weight bu ti cant do it its so hard resisting chocolate help tell me a diet 🙂

  • @Beck: Your not fat, but your not skinny, your average.
    @Larissa: Once again average for your height.
    @Kirtsy: Thats perfectly normal (lol again!)
    @Jodie:): perfect weight for your height.
    And for any one who thinks I’m not “qualified, no I’m not, but my mom’s a dietician, and she IS qualified, so I asked her 😀

    So anyways, I’m 14 and I weigh 98 lbs. I know I’m underweight, but I have trouble gaining weight because I’m so active (I’m a gymnast) Any weight GAINING tips?

  • Ok I’m 12 4’10 and about 86 pounds , I have strecth marks . I think I’m fat I used to weigh about 90 pounds.. But I dieted and lost 3 pounds in a day. Am I fat I wear a size 14 🙁 wow putting this all together I’m Fat! How much ppounds should I lose I want to be like 81 pounds! Please give me some advice cuz I’m hungry from the dieting my head is hurting plus christmas time and there’s a lot of chocolate plz tell me what to do

  • I’m 18 yrs old. About 4’11 and a 1/2- 5′ and I weigh 153lbs. I’d love to lose weight. Here’s my usual eating schedule

    Wake up:7-8ish

    Breakfast(right after wakeup) – 2 boiled eggs, 4 carrots, water OR Cheerios, strawberries and water(and I take medication)
    Lunch(around 11-12)-salad containing lettuce, tomato, cucumber, boiled egg, carrots and no dressing, water OR rice, chicken, and veggies (baked chicken/boiled or steamed veggies) and water
    Snack(around 2ish)-granola bar/fruit/veggies/yogurt/one piece toast with peanut butter
    Dinner(around 5ish)-baked chicken, salad with cheese, water OR fresh veggies, with lunch meat

    In the lines of that. I avoid fried/greasy/salty foods.

    I’ve been in sports my entire life. Softball/volleyball/basketball for school, travel teams, pitching/batting coaches, etc. When one sport ends another starts. I’ve been told I may have diabetes because of frequent urination, thirst and if I get a cut/bruise it takes longer for me to heal. I got hit with a ball 2weeks ago and its still there. I got cut 3 weeks ago, and its still there. I get dizzy spells, nausea, migraines, pass out, tingling in hands/feet A LOT. What do yall think?

  • I think all kids should stay physically active, that’s the best way for them to keep themselves from gaining too much weight.