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20 rapid weight loss tips

There are a lot of tips to follow for rapid weight loss. It is of great importance to make sure that anything you do to loose weight fast is healthy and you need to take all the necessary measures to ensure that you will not gain the weight back once you stop the diet or weight loss program. This article outlines 20 tips that can help you in your weight loss efforts in a healthy and secure way.

There are a lot of tips to follow for rapid weight loss. It is of great importance to make sure that anything you do to lose weight fast is healthy and you need to take all the necessary measures to ensure that you will not gain the weight back once you stop the diet or weight loss program. This article outlines 20 tips to accelerate your weight loss efforts in a healthy and secure way.

If you want to achieve rapid weight loss for those extra pounds, you should be careful on what you eat and how active you are. Identify what needs to change and include in your lifestyle the following weight loss tips.

Tip 1. Reduce the calories you consume

One gram of fat contains twice the calories of a gram of protein or carbohydrate. Limit foods high in fat, choose products with reduced fat and calories, limit the starters and remove fat from meat. You should include in your diet products with fewer calories, like fruits and vegetables. Good candidates are also foods rich in fiber. Try to turn from white to black bread and choose whole grain cereal for breakfast.

Tip 2. Watch the size of your food portions

The sizes of food portions have increased substantially especially when it comes to ready meals and snacks. This means that we consume more calories. Over the years we have also adapted to eating bigger portions and thus do not feel congested. Restrict potatoes, pasta, rice, fatty foods and sweets and select fruits and vegetables.

Tip 3. Watch what you drink

Stop the consumption of drinks containing sugar and alcohol and replace them with water or tea. Drinks with sugar add more calories in your diet and do not lead to the feeling of satiety or satisfaction.

Tip 4. Keep a balanced diet

Remember the principles of a balanced diet: to include in your diet fruits and vegetables (at least 5 portions a day), non-processed foods with more fiber, lean meats and dairy products low in fat.

Tip 5. Be more active

To become more active in your daily life does not necessarily mean to sweat in the gym. Instead of the gym you can utilize the following tips that can indirectly help your weight loss efforts:

Choose physical activities that you like and try to spend more time each week in these activities
Incorporate more activity in your daily life
Buy a step counter and count the steps you do everyday

Another good way to become more active is to reduce the time you are sitting. At home limit the time watching television or sitting in front of the computer. At work, you can make regular breaks and if you want to talk with a colleague you can walk to his office instead of sending e-mail.

Tip 6. Avoid the ‘rapid weight loss diets’

Any diets that promise fast weight loss should be avoided. Initially they give you tips for quick weight loss but in the long run they are very difficult to follow. Often these diets are very demanding and they are not providing the necessary nutrients to the body. Diets that promise rapid weight loss, are suggesting that some foods ‘can burn fat quickly’, they usually promote one or two foods, have many rules on how to eat and they overall seem too good to be true.

Tip 7. The Yo-Yo dieting

Many people have the tendency to regain their lost weight. You can restrict this possibility by making permanent changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. The best tip to enhance your weight loss efforts is physical exercise. Regular physical activity and exercise plays an important role in maintaining body weight.

The following factors are important for permanent weight loss: changes in eating habits, regular exercise, realistic objectives and support from friends and family.

Although nobody would suggest that the Yo-Yo diets are good, there is little evidence that they are harmful to your health. However, the results are disappointing and may lead to reduced confidence and mobility.

You have to realise that in the period immediately after a weight loss you are at increased risk of gaining some weight and that you will need to take concrete steps to prevent it.

Remember to weigh regularly. If you notice your weight increasing, act immediately. Do not let a little failure to become a major problem.

Tip 8. Drink green tea

A recent study showed that green tea polyphenols and specifically katechines contribute to the increase of basic metabolism, helping the burning of fat.

Tip 9. Eat regular meals!

A daily portion of 2,000 calories for example, can be spread into 3 or 5-6 meals. But when there is division into 5-6 smaller meals each day (e.g. breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon, evening) then there are small (not big) changes to the levels of sugar in our body and especially of insulin. This is important for our metabolism and fat burning.

Tip 10. Caffeine does not help your weight loss efforts

Caffeine has a leading role in many studies on weight loss with other substances (e.g., ephedrine), but the effect on the metabolism is small and someone should not wait to lose weight by drinking coffee. Its diuretic action (which exists only in large quantities of coffee) can in no case be counted as major weight loss help.

Tip 11. For rapid weight loss do not follow deprivation diets

If you were determined to lose 5 kilos quickly, then you would probably follow a deprivation diet. Perhaps you are not eating anything, only grapefruit or cabbage soup every day. You reduce your daily calories to less than 1,000 and of course you see the pounds to go. But when you eat so few calories, in essence you train your metabolism rate to slow down. Once you stop the diet, your body burns calories more slowly and you will gain weight faster-than ever before.

Tip 12. Do not forget breakfast

Not eating breakfast seems a simple way to reduce some calories, but the result may be insatiable hunger for the rest of the day. This can lead to a non-planned snack in the office, in huge portions for lunch and this as a result will increase the calories you consume. But a breakfast, which is rich in protein and fiber, can reduce hunger throughout the day. In fact, research shows that people who eat breakfast every morning are more likely to maintain normal weight.

Tip 13. Do not underestimate calories of snacks

Possibly you are carefully measuring the calories you take in each meal and you forget about the snacks. There are some cookies in your office, a piece of cake brought by a colleague, the ice cream of your children etc. All this added together can sabotage your otherwise well-designed weight loss diet. If you take seriously the issue of calculating the amount of calories you consume then you better use a notepad to write down every thing that you eat throughout the day.

If the constant consumption of snacks can destroy your silhouette, to eat snacks wisely can do the opposite. People who eat several small meals and snacks a day are more likely to control their hunger and enable rapid weight loss. Snacks can help you keep your metabolism high, especially those snacks rich in protein. Nuts are a good choice and they are high in protein. Research suggests that people who eat nuts as a snack they tend to weight less than those who do not consume nuts.

Tip 14. Be careful of ‘light’ products

Light products with low fat may play an important role in your diet. Just remember that low fat is not the same as low calorie and this does not give you the right to consume a lot of such products. If you fill your plate with sweets that have little fat, you can eat more calories than if you had a smaller piece of ‘normal’ sweets. The best way to find out how much fat, sugar and calories they have is to check the product label.

Light food does not mean food with out nutritional value. Many light products contain large amounts of simple sugars in order to gain their lost taste. This immediately gives them calories, but is often less than fully fat products. The best thing you can do therefore is to carefully read the food labels that state, often in detail, the content in calories, but also the vitamins and minerals they contain.

Tip 15. Do not forget that drinks also have calories

When counting calories, most of us tend to overlook those in our drink. It is a big mistake, when you consider that some coffees and alcoholic drinks are more than 500 calories. Even the calories in juice and soft drink can be added quickly. The worst is that the calories in liquids are not limiting hunger. We will not eat less after we get many calories with a drink.

Tip 16. Water does not help in weight loss but…

Through the water, our body regulates temperature, eliminates unnecessary metabolic products, and carries nutrients and oxygen to cells. Not to drink water is one of the most common errors people do in a weight loss diet. Water is necessary for the burning of calories. If you let yourself be dehydrated your metabolism malfunctions-and that means slower weight loss.

Research indicates that adults who drink 8 or more glasses of water per day burn more calories than those who drink less. So, try to add a glass of water at each meal or snack.

Tip 17. Drink low fat milk

Milk, cheese and ice cream are taboo for many people who are on a diet, but the abandonment of milk can be “counterproductive”. Some surveys suggest that the body burns more fat when you take enough calcium and produces more fat when it lacks calcium. The calcium supplements do not have the same benefits, so the milk might have other ingredients that act as well. Most specialists recommend that you remain in milk with low or no fat.

Tip 18. Do not get on the scale daily

The daily weighing is a recipe that causes confusion and gives you no useful information. More important is the tendency to look in the long run and be weighed every week. If your goal is to lose half a kilo a week, you will be satisfied to see that you lost them when you get on the scale. The result gives you a greater reward than to see the variations in scale and get confused when you weight daily.

Tip 19. Do not set unrealistic goals

To tell yourself that you will lose 9 pounds the first week, you are doomed for failure. If you know that you will not succeed you may even not start a diet. If you diet and lose 2.5 kilos a week, rather than being happy and celebrate it, you will feel unsatisfied that you did not reach your target. The realistic goal is important for the success of a weight loss diet. If you are not sure what should be your goal, talk with a specialist to help you set your goals. Remember that fast weight loss diets are too good to be true, so you need to be patient and set realistic goals.

Tip 20. You need to exercise regularly

Exercising intensively for two hours once every fifteen days has no value for weight loss. Conversely, someone who exercises daily, even 30 minutes, can greatly gain from the various benefits of exercise to health, while simultaneously laying the foundation for maintaining a desired weight and enabling rapid weight loss.

If you do not exercise, you put the whole burden of weight loss to the diet. If you become more active, you can eat more of the foods you like and still lose weight. The tip is to find an exercise that you like. If you do not like the treadmill, try swimming, ballet, cycling or tennis, which burn more calories than walking. Spend time doing different activities to choose what you like and which you can spend more days.

When you are engaging into a rapid weigh loss diet you should also be aware of the following tips:

1. Most ‘diets’ are ineffective and have short-term results.

2. You cannot lose ‘five pounds in ten days’, as advertised by the various diets and institutions that are published in women’s magazines every May and June. Our organism can lose 2-4 pounds in a month. Most unfortunately are muscle and water. From how many muscles we have in our body depends how much weight we will lose. Two people of the same age, same height and same weight can lose weight differently.

3. The only ‘diet’ that has rapid weigh loss results is one personalized for the person and balanced in the standards of the Mediterranean diet, without hysteria and denial, always combined with physical activity and exercise.

4. Chemical’ diets are one-sided diets. If you consume few calories, you will have better and faster results. With chemical diets you lose muscle and water, something criminal, because after all what you need is to loose fat. But there are also adverse effects on blood lipids, kidney and other body organs.

5.Obesity is a multi disease and has different aspects: organic, psychological, aesthetic and should be treated with care and long term.

6. For medical purposes there is no ‘ideal’ weight for a person. There is the so-called body mass index. It is our weight (in kg) divide by our height (in meters) squared. The desire value for everyone is between 18 to 25 kg/m2. Over weight people are those who have the body mass index above 30kg/m2.

People who want to lose weight fast do a lot of mistakes in the process. Some of the common mistakes were outlined in this article.

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Hara Hagikalfa

Hara Hagikalfa completed her BSc(Hons) in Health and Exercise Science, Sports Science and Medicine. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Pilates instructor. You can learn more about Hara and connect with her on Facebook


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  • Really good advice. I’ve been trying to get rid of the last 15 pounds I gained after having my baby. It’s been almost 1year and 1/2 and I have to work hard to get rid of every pound. Reading all this good information is really helpful. I really hope to lose everything soon!

  • Losing weight is hard. I have been seditary for about 4 years and now I am exercising about 4 to 5 times a week and watching what I eat. I have lost 6 pounds in 2 months. That is very discouraging. I never thought it would take this long to lose weight.

  • I go walking for 50 minutes at night, every night. I drink 4, 16 ounce bottles of water every day. One before each of my meals. I am on a birth control. Is my birth control the reason I keep gaining weight instead of loosing it?

  • I would like to know a womens opinion on the difference between men and womens protein. Is their really a difference or is the difference between a women or man selling it too you.
    I have heard their is a difference, except when you go into stores such as GNC or Vitamin shop that sells men products. I want to know if Jillian is womens protein? NO difference?

  • im working hard and trying to reach my goal of 70lbs in 6 to 8 months,,,my hardest thing is setting an schedule of working out with my schedule being so busy with me being a mom and a single parent,,but im working through it and i plan to succeed at it and i have the motivation and strenght that i need.

  • I started out at 260 lbs and lost 30 lbs, but discouraged becuase I work out for an hour at the gym walk my dog , but that is about as much exerecise as I get . I make jewelry for a living. I have changed the way I eat and have been drinking 8 glasses a day, but i am not active the whole day just part of it. I want to weigh 150 lbs and be all toned muscel so I really look skinny.

  • i started walking to loss my weight and im loving it i lost 20 lbs im trying to make it to 190 so thank you for the good tips

  • I have been trying to lose some wieght and i find it especially difficult in the winter. i cannot afford a gym membership and sometimes im not motivated because it ends up in failure. although, the advice is great i just cant seem to lose the last 15 ponds. How could i motivate myself?

  • to the woman on birth control. you could gain up to 40 pounds or more. my advice, get off of it because you will NEVER lose a single ounce. been there done that!

  • i want to lose 48 pounds by june 17 but i feel like i keep quiting how do i keep my self inspired to keep going!

  • Kheyra – try using some positive thinking methods such as a board where you can paste some photos of what you want to do when you have achieved your goal. I also have a list of my goals in my purse and look at them every day. It reminds me about what I’m trying to achieve and keeps me focussed every day. Good luck!

  • Ive bin losing weight now on weight watchers i lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks i work out alot too!!!!!!!!! Gotta keep going 35 more to go i feel great!!!!!!! Just remember its worth it!!!!!!

  • hi. i am 20 years old 5’3 and i weigh 144. i started working out atleast 3 times a week by a trainer. my goal weight is 120-126 by summer. i was a sugar fiend and chocoholic. i am craving it right now. i eat a bowl
    of special k whole grain cereal with fresh chopped banana in it, or a slice of whole grain flax seed bread with low fat almond butter and an apple. for snacks i will have dry veggies or random fruits/no fat yogurt/no fat flax seed blueberry muffin, if i eat cheese its always skim, and i usually have chicken and veggies or 3-4 baby potatoes or salad. if i crave sweets i have no fat vanilla froze
    yogurt with diced fresh fruit. is that okay? is there anything wrong with how i am eating?

  • Hi Hannah,

    Jason here.

    Look. I may just get “crucified” for this, but o’ well. Here goes. If you’re goal is to lose weight… specifically get rid of body fat on stomach and thighs and things… then there is a major problem with the food’s you’ve listed…

    – “whole grain flax seed bread”
    – “low fat almond butter”
    – “random fruits/no fat yogurt”
    – “flax seed blueberry muffin”
    – “if i eat cheese its always skim”

    Here’s the thing, all these foods certainly seem “healthy”. That’s what most people believe. But most people have been completely brainwashed by naive “experts” who have no clue about burning fat.

    Case in point – I can see you’re trying to eat healthy. I mean, lot’s of flax seed (Your body does not digest whole flax seeds) and you’re even eating “low fat” items. But get this… there is NOTHING, I mean NOTHING, superior about “low fat” food. Truth is, eating nothing but low fat food can be a recipe for fat.

    Did you know that healthy dietary fat actually burns fat???

    The bottom line is simple… blueberry muffins are horrid fat producers. Low fat almond butter is nothing but cheap imitation. I mean, the “natural” fat has been stripped out making it a “foreign” object to your body. Know what your body does with “foreign” processed food???… stores it as fat. Yes, same goes with “skim” milk. Listen, skim milk is a joke for the simple reason that dietary fat does not make you fat. Processed fat makes you fat. (That statement alone will get me a bunch of nasty comments I’m sure – but it has been proven over and over again by folks OUTSIDE the dieting community).

    Listen. Hark unto me. If you want to lose weight and burn fat then follow the diets of those who are experts. I’m talking bodybuilders and fitness models. These people’s diets consist of natural fats (olive oil, coconut oil, eggs) and proteins (lean beef,chicken, turkey) and loads of fruits and vegetables. I will tell you with absolute certainty that walking around eating blueberry muffins and special k cereal (while most people believe that it’s great weight loss food) is NOT and NEVER will be. Most of the “natural” foods are nothing by processed impostors.

    Who am I to say this. Look. I realize people are skeptical and I’m not asking you to take my word for it. Just do your own research. I’ve written extensively about this topic and seen the results first hand. SEEN the results. A diet stripped of health natural fat and filled with nothing but so called “healthy whole grains” -muffins and breads and flax sees- is a diet prime to “pack on pounds” of fat. I know, I’ve spend my life studying this.

    Diet food does NOT cause good results. REAL food does… period!

    The best advice I’ll give you is to do your own research. I could tell you here but it won’t have the same IMPACT. Find a person (An expert), a fitness model who knows and see how they eat. Lean meats. Vegetables. Natural fats. Fruits. Very little “dense whole grains” like bread and muffins.

    The results of this type of diet are amazing and well documented.

    Hope this helps,


    P.S. Yes Yes Yes. These are just my opinions. So no need for anyone to take offense. These opinions do come from “real world” experience though. But they are NOT the end all be all.

    Just food for thought.

  • It’s important when dieting to keep a list of Healthy snacks that will supplement meals, keep energy levels high, and satisfy cravings. There are many great ideas online that are worth researching in order to find what works best for individual’s dedicated to losing weight.

  • Jason, you’re awesome….and totally right in everything you said! Also, what has helped me lose 30 pounds in 6 months has been counting calories. I’ve been eating whole grains, but mostly veggies, berries and other low sugar glycemic fruits, fish, lean meats, staying off carbs as often as possible and if I do, I’ll try to eat brown rice and I try not to mix my proteins and carbs. I eat a lot of Greek yogurt with granola berries & nuts(yummy)! And baked salmon with dill and other ingredients I make for dinner, but all whole foods that are hand picked and prepared. I only drink water, never sugar drinks, but i do drink one cup of coffee a day w cream. I count the calories and know exactly what I’m eating! I have found an application called Lose It! on my iPhone to be incredibly helpful! I think there is a android version. Good luck everyone:-)!

  • Great points Jason! No offense taken, it’s true. My spouse is in great shape, lean and muscular…he isnt a professional body builder but folks always think he is “ripped full of muscles” and he is over 40 and looks better than most young men now a days. Eating lean is the key to keeping a healthy low weight…I am not by any means a health model but I am at a good weight and only way to keep it off is eating alot of fruits, veggies, lean chicken, fish…etc..and it’s okay to have an off day here and there. BUT always maintain somewhat of a health routine in your daily life.

  • hi im 28 have had a weight problem for years in the last 3 years ive lost 5 stone i tried every quick fix diet going there not worth it ive always put the weight back on so i just got my head into shape i eat 3 helthy meals a day and walk 4 times a week for 50 mins belive me its the best way to do it i slso have a drink at the weekend and still manage to keep the weight off its a great feeling

  • is there a way to eat healthy thats in expensive … i have to feed a family of 3 on 233$ A MONTH…. that isnt very much…and when i buy a bunch of fruits and veggies i end up having to borrow money or food by mid month…im toatly at a loss …i havent actully lost any pounds but by cutting out soda in the last 2 months have gone from a 22 to a 20 to some of my 18s are starting to fit…
    any whoo… if anybody know of cheap cheap ways to be healthy ..some advice is needed

  • Hello Katie, you can click on my name and visit my review page, my wife and I have found the best way to be fit and healthy for very cheap. There are some very good tips in this article to get people started, I think really the main thing is just making a conscious effort each day to do something about your weight. Some things, like drinking a shake every morning for instance (like we do), are easier ways to help lose the excess than others. But just take action :), decide you want to be healthy and start taking the steps necessary to get there. It won’t happen overnight but set small goals and know that each day you hit those you are one step closer to the ultimate goal :). Be blessed!

  • When I did some research to look into articles to write for women, I noticed that ‘inner thigh exercises’ was something that a lot of women are looking for online. As a male personal trainer, I get this request from all my female clients, “Nitin, which are the best inner thigh exercises”?


  • hi, i am 18 yr old girl nd i have height of 5.6 feet and i have weight near abt 60kgs .do u think i need dieting nd i have my waist size of 32 inches.plz respond.

  • hey guys i am 30 yr old 5.6″ weighing 78 kgs i want to loose 15 kgs weight. advice me in loosing weight as my lipid profile is little bit on higher side.

  • HIE

  • I used to weigh well over 100kgs and now wiegh around 70kgs – and got to as low as 64kgs. If you want to burn fat, get out of bed 30 minutes earlier, drink a cup of water and go for a walk. Listen to some music with a fast beat so you walk at a good pace. Know WHY you eat! Fact – we need food!! We need all those food groups. If you need to give yourself a “pick-me-up,” some “comfort” or fill boredom…DON’T eat…find something else to do instead…OR make a proper “event” of it, have some friends over and share some yummy food celebration style or WALK to a cafe and enjoy ONE serve of a treat food and read a book or the newspaper…why are we so obsessed with food??? Companies advertise and market us to death with food food food…change your way of treating food of thinking about it

  • Well these tips were very very helpful… i have been “chubby” for most of my life… when i was about 6-7 i started gaining weight. Now I am 14. I go to a gym almost every day or when someone can take me. Well my Goal is to loose 90 pounds… yes i said it… i currently weigh about 220. and now iv’e tried adding more fiber in my diet and see how it goes. Does any one have any suggestions? Don’t forget im only 14! (:

  • For the longest time, I have refused to accept that “you are what you eat” till I got pregnant and the one thing the Doctor told me, was I had to lose weight to avoid being over weight during pregnancy. This is not easy since the urge to eat all the time is greater than any other but I am trying.I have taken to walking and drinking low milk and from your article I have seen other tips I can implement.

  • I know how you feel Sarah703.I’m 12 years old and weigh 200 pounds.I would like to weigh some where between 150 and 160 by late August of this year.I’ve started watching my calorie intake and have been excersising.Do any of you have any tips for helping me shed the unwanted pounds by my goal weight?

  • Im tires if the belly fat that I have wen I stuck tew my diet meaning stipped eating after 7and onlt ate 1500 calories a day I lost 3 lbs in one week

  • I have been overweight for nearly my whole life. I really started packing on the pounds as I went through puberty. I weighed around 270lbs, and then I got pregnant. I am now 19 years old and weigh somewhere around 340-350lbs. I really need to lose weight and become healthier not only for myself, but for my son. I owe it to him to be healthy. I have tried diets, but they all seem to fall through because I get discouraged quickly. I’m sure many of you will agree that food is good, especially the unhealthy foods! How do you go about eating healthier yet being satisfied with what you’re eating? I could really use all the help I can get, and it’s really nice to know that there are other people who are in the same situation as me! I appreciate all those who share their thoughts 🙂

  • sarah703, 90 pounds is 6 and a half stone! If you weigh in or around 9st, you are fine. That’s my guess. When I was your age i was about 8 and a half. Be happy with your body youre so young 🙂

  • I have lost 130Lbs in the last 3 years. it took alot of work with diet and excersize. honestly when i lost my job i started gaining the weight back because i could not afford to eat healthy. I have started back with cutting out bread, pasta, rice…ect. and trying to stay away from sweets and sugar.

  • to Mercedes, you are so right to want to lose some weight for your son. But I find that weight loss can and should be a little selfish. Get up a little earlier and work out before everyone else. Consider this your “me time”. Oh and yes the unhealthy foods do taste good, but nothing is better than looking in the mirror and being happy with what you see. I am trying to lose 20-25lbs. I work out every morning while my husband and 3 children (7, 5, and 2 yrs old) sleep. I do crave foods I have given up for now. Trick I fill the house with things that are loaded with monounsaturated fats, fiber and protein. I read articles about healthy weight loss. I think if we make it our business to lose weight, we will.

  • I am 20 years old, 5ft2 and approx 68lbs.

    I have always been relatively in proportion until I
    I got Ito a relationship with a fat chef who only
    cared about his next meal, at first I never wanted
    to get like that it repulsed me but I love his
    personality and thought I could chane his eating
    habits. Instead he chained mine and I hair like
    2 stone in 2 years and my food proportions have
    became larger. I want to lose all this weight
    and be thin again it’s really hopeless because
    I feel so disheartened when I see myself that I
    indulge in sweet treats after an hour at the gym
    To make me feel better.

    I have started Zumba classes for one-two hour
    per week and I train in the gym for over an hour
    5 days a week + and I also bike to work and back
    which is 6 miles. In my spare time
    I dance in my room also. Will this help me lose weight
    Or will I need to change my eating habits too?
    If so what should I eat?

    Thanks. Emma.

  • I’d like to say it is really very helpful advice on this article! It is the little changes that make the biggest changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!…

  • It looks you are an expert in your weight loss field, it proves from your information. A nice quality guide about rapid weight loss. Many people will find it useful and helpful. Keep it up.

  • What a fantastic write up and brilliant comments. You are an expert on your topic. It a quality guide and very helpful and useful. Keep up the good work continue.

  • Jason Clemons is right. Focusing on lean meat, fruits, vegies…staying away from bread products, junk food and drinks ….combined with cardio and weight training will definitely bring on the weight loss results. I did P90X and walking 3 miles a day plus the diet I mentioned and lost approximately 10 lbs a month. The very first month (the hardest) I didn’t quite see much weight loss but definitely saw the inches disappear. So, when you start…measure everything first. It really helped. I started out at almost 180 lbs post baby and I am now 152 lbs. My goal is 130 lbs.

  • You have laid out some very nice weight loss tips in this article. Many people will find it useful & helpful, it shows your ability that you are an expert in your weight loss field. Keep providing such great information. Thanks!

  • l have been trying to reduce my weight for the past one year, l discovered that my weight is reducing but the size of my hip is not. How can l loss weight and at the same time reduce my hip weight or size?

  • Someone please help im 20yrs old 5’4 and weigh 190. My ideal goal is to lose 60 pounds in about 3 to 4months. Ive decided to start taking herbalife protein shakes for breakfast and dinner and eat a well balanced meal for lunch. Im going to excercise for 30mins twice a day. I cut out all junk food from my diet. Does anyone know anything else i can do as well to reach my weightloss goal quicker? I appreciate all the help and suggestions.

  • Missy M. – You have got great start. Just do not forget to drink plain water about 2 litres a day. If you use herbalife protein shake it will be very good to take vitamins and minerals as well.
    Include more fresh salads in your normal meal. Eat more fruits such as apples, kiwi, pears. Do not drink soft drinks, do not eat bakery products any kind, reduce sugar and sweet. Very soon you’ll get first result.

  • thank yu for your response. Well as for herbalife im takin the shake along with ale and tea and a few herbalife pills, which are omega’s, celluloss and total control along with a 21day body cleansing. I need to get the multivitamins.
    I wont be drinking anything beside water, tea or aloe.
    Are there any excercises u would recommend that help lose belly fat and slim thighs?

  • hi, these tips r fairly useful but I was woundering if anyone has any that would b specific to my age in particular . I’m 14 and I weigh about 150 ; I’m also 5,9″ (about maby a little taller) my goal is to weigh about 120-130 by around march . ik this is alot to lose in a little time but I have athletic try outs coming up and well ya . Does any1 have fast weight lose tips? ( btw I’m also joining a gym this week due to the weather change, is that a good idea?…) plz comment back

  • Very good tips i really enjoyed reading the comments i have found tips which will be of help thanx everyone,

  • Hey everyone! Ok so this is kind of embarrassing but here goes. Im 28 and weigh 298 lbs. I have always been over weight becuase of a thyroid problem and have tried loads of diets and stuff but get discouraged when I dont see results. Im desperate to get healthy and lose over 130 lbs. Any suggestions?

  • I thought with all fustrations I could rapidly lose weight, to my great surprise I only lose only 15 pounds in the past year

  • Thanks for the article. Grea points! I help lots of folks lose weight and many of the points you make in your article are advice I give my clients. Happy to see Tip 8 included “Drink Green Tea”..very valid point. Thanks again!