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Is lap-band surgery a safe way to lose weight?

Some people reside to surgery to lose weight. This is because either they cannot lose weight naturally or because they need faster results. One of the most popular surgeries is the Lap-Band surgery. One must be very careful before choosing such weight loss methods and certainly it should be after the close examination of a certified doctor. There are many parameters to examine before you are allowed to undergo surgery and it should be understood that weight loss surgeries are not applicable for all people. Let’s see below more details about Lap-band surgery as a way to lose weight.

What is Lap-band surgery?

Lap-band is an adjustable gastric banding system that helps you consume less quantities of food and this gradually leads to weight loss. It is applied through a surgery procedure with all the risks associated with surgeries. Lap-bad is an FDA approved system but not for all people. You must be at least 30 pounds above your normal weight and must not suffer from other more serious conditions or diseases.

Who can use Lap-band surgery for weight loss?

1. Men and Women who are at least 18 years old

2. Overweight people having more than 30+ pounds (for a period of more than 5 years) above their normal weight with a BMI of at least 40

3. People who have already tried to lose weight healthy but for various reasons have not succeeded. Healthy weight loss is always the recommended way to lose weight.

4. People who are not alcoholics

5. People who have a good state of health and not suffering from other diseases.

Who cannot use Lap-band surgery for weight loss?

Lap-Band surgery is not recommended if:

1. You have gastrointestinal problems, heart problems or other chronic diseases

2. You are addicted to alcohol or other drugs

3. You are allergic to certain materials used by the lap-band system

4. Women who are pregnant

5. Generally people with a history of disorders or problems that prohibit them from going under any type of surgery.

Your doctor or surgeon can examine your health condition and make recommendations as to whether you can use lap-band or any other weight loss surgery.

How much does lap-band surgery costs?

Lap-band surgery and after treatment follow up may cost you up to $30,000. This depends on many factors but many patients stated that the overall cost is close to this amount.

Should I use Lap-Bad surgery for weight loss?

Now that we have gathered all the facts about lap-band the next question is: Should I consider lap-band for weight loss?

By definition we are against any non-natural ways to lose weightand this also includes lap-band or any other surgery. Only in exceptional cases should someone reside to such risky measures especially when there are many ways to lose weight naturally, safe and healthy. You may read that the method is safe but it is still a surgery and it is still non-natural. Why go under all this trouble and take all the risks and costs when you can safely lose weight?

Remember that there are no short-cuts when it comes to losing weight. You many need more time if you decide to do it healthy but you are sure that you are doing a step towards a healthier life. Even if you do the surgery you still have to change your lifestyle if you want to keep the weight off.

Surgery will not give you a permanent and effort-free solution to your weight loss problems. Many people have also reported side effects after surgery which made their situation worse than before. Our recommendation is not to consider surgery before trying to solve the weight loss problems in a healthy way.