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Kate Middleton weight loss and the Dukan Diet

There is a lot of buzz lately about Kate Middleton and how she managed to lose weight before the big wedding. The royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince Williams is without a doubt one of the biggest moments of 2011, but one aspect of this great event that opened a lot of discussions has to do with Kate’s weight loss methods. It’s no secret that she managed to get slimmer and reached the ideal weight so as to look bright and beautiful in the white dress. But how did she do it?

A lot of people made up a number of stories about her weight loss methods. Some journalist’s even suggested that she is suffering from a form of anorexia nervosa for the brides named ‘Brideorexia’. They reported that she became a size 2 from size 6 in just 2 months. The rapid weight loss was for them a sign that she became anorexic and they even gave advice to their readers on how to identify if someone is suffering from this disorder. The truth is far from that. Although Kate is a fit and energetic person and this alone makes it easier to lose or gain weight almost at wish, what really created results for her is the Dukan Diet.

What is the Dukan Diet?

The Dukan Diet is a very famous diet in Europe, created by Pierre Dukan in 2000. Pierre is an experienced doctor who specializes in weight loss diets. The Dukan diet is similar to the also famous Atkins diet and besides Kate Middleton a number of celebrities have also used this diet program to lose weight. The Dukan Method as it is called, is based on the principle of high protein,low fat, low carb diet. In other words the foods suggested to be part of this diet create servings that are high in proteins, low in trans fats and low in carbohydrates. This is a deviation from what we call a balanced diet which includes all three food categories in almost same quantities. The main idea behind this composition of meals is to concentrate more on the quality of foods you eat rather than quantity. In fact quantity is not a factor for the Dukan Diet as you are allowed to ‘eat as much as you like’ but the right foods.

The Dukan Diet Phases

The Dukan Diet program is separated into 4 distinct phases. This is how Dr Pierre decided to approach weight loss and he believes that these 4 phases can guarantee fast and permanent weight loss results. The first phase is the Preparation or Attack phase as he calls it and basically during this phase you are allowed to eat only protein foods. The plan has about 80 items which are pure protein foods and you can select which ones to consume daily. The second phase is a combination of pure protein plus vegetables and the duration of this phase depend on how much weight you want to lose. The third phase is something like a protective phase where you gradually start to eat foods from other food items as well so as to protect you from gaining all the weight you lost back. Finally the fourth phase is actually the end of the diet where you are given instructions how to maintain your weight by eating healthy and fat friendly food items together with advice on how to be more physically active during the day.

You can read more about the Dukan Diet in the Dukan Diet Book which is one of the International Best Sellers.

As a final word, remember that there are no miracles when it comes to diet and fitness. If you want to lose weight you need to combine 2 things: 1st willingness and hard work and 2nd a good diet program that really works. The Dukan diet worked for many people but this does not necessarily mean that it will work for you unless you are willing to try hard and be committed to it until you get the results you want.