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Can you lose belly fat with Green Tea?

If you are researching for ways to lose belly fat then it is certain that you came across this question a number of times. Also if you have read articles on the Internet from web sites that sell or promote green tea products then most probably they told you that green tea is one of the best ways to lose belly fat. Well, the truth is somewhere in between. Read on to find out if green tea can help you lose weight and belly fat.

A brief history about Green Tea

Green tea has been the traditional drink for many Asia countries including India, Japan and of course China. It contains large amounts of antioxidants (polyphenols) that can fight free radicals (can damage the cells and create a number of health problems including cancer).

For many years Green Tea was used by Chinese for medication purposes and in the last decade scientists around the World investigated the possible benefits of Green tea for treating various health conditions including obesity. These studies showed that green tea can be useful for fighting or preventing atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, cancer and diabetes.

Green Tea for Weight loss

Green tea can certainly aid weight and fat loss but not to the degree presented by many web sites or product promoters. The effectiveness of green tea for losing weight has been identified through various clinical studies but cannot generate real results if not combined with traditional weight loss methods i.e. diet and exercise. The facts about the effectiveness of green tea and weight loss are:

  • Green Tea is possible to increase your metabolism if consumed daily (2-3 cups per day).
  • It can help control your weight and fat levels but not your appetite.
  • Green tea will not help you get rid of belly fat but it will help you gain less weight and less fat.
  • Green tea should not replace diet and exercise but can be used as a complementary method to assist your weight loss efforts.
  • Most clinical studies to date (November 2011) regarding the effectiveness of green tea for fat loss were done on mice and not on humans. Other studies carried out by research organizations on humans showed that regular consumption of green tea paired with regular exercise can generate better results than exercise alone. These studies were conducted by Japanese and Chinese scientists.
  • Experts suggest to drink your green tea hot (and not cold) as this shows down calorie intake and gives you a better taste.
  • The energy you get from regular intake of green tea can help you exercise longer and thus lose more calories.

To sum up, green tea is not a magical product. By drinking green tea alone you will not lose your belly fat or weight. To make the most of green tea you have to drink it regularly (2-3 cups per day) and never forget that the most effective way to lose belly fat is through balanced diet and regular exercise.

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